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How to Be Creative Again When You’re Lacking Creativity

When I first thought of chasing vibrance (read more of that story here!) I imagined dabbling in watercolors and merrily creating adorable baby clothes for children while growing delicious foods and pruning rose bushes. It all SOUNDED so good! I definitely knew I needed to know how to be creative again when you’re lacking creativity in a major way!

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But who has time for that stuff really?

And is it actually, truly enjoyable?

Isn’t it easier to just kick back with some episodes of The Office and a bag of veggie straws? 

Especially in the stage of life I’m in “being creative” can just feel messy, time consuming, and exhausting.

I DO think it’s worthwhile and I am finding joy in chasing vibrance via creativity. I am definitely a more right brained, Type A, non-creative, so even talking about scheduling creative time and making it a habit may make some of you true creatives cringe. I get it. I’m not you. I’m just trying to get in touch with that side of myself because being creative DOES light me up! 

How to Be Creative Again

  1. Understand creativity is varied. 

Creativity takes so many different shapes and sizes! What may feel creative and life giving to one may reduce another to tears of frustration. So if you try something you think would be creative and fun and you just find it annoying or boring and you get to the end and you are less than lit up by the experience…move on. Find something else! Much like finding movement you LOVE, finding a creative pursuit you love may take practice and experimentation. 

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  1. Creativity doesn’t have to be a big event

This is a good reminder for myself. I can be creative by joining my kids in coloring or cutting and arranging flowers for their room or making a chalk design or helping them decorate a cookies. I get to be creative and show them what creativity looks like in action! 

  1. Make time to be creative

Many people who are consistently being creative are also consistently NOT doing some other things, like Netflix. Or spending hours scrolling Instagram. Set aside one night to be consistently creative! There are so many resources from baking blogs to youtube hair tutorials to hand lettering courses that can teach you a new creative pursuit or help you expand a hobby you already enjoy! 

  1. Challenge yourself with being creative 

I do not like trying new things because I want to succeed at everything. I loath failure. But getting messy and screwing up is part of being a creator and the way you may discover a new creative passion! So take a deep breath and take the pottery class or music lesson. Try something that is outside your creative comfort zone–you must may love it! 


  1. Do it with someone else! 

If you are feeling nervous to try and push your creative juices do it with a friend! There are so many classes that are designed for groups–wine and canvases or ladies craft night. My old MOPS group was such a fun and low key way to get creative making cute little decor items for our home!

Often I would come home from a morning excited to try another project I had shelved too!

Two sisters holding wreaths

Consider finding something creative to do for a date too! Getting out of your comfort zone as a couple and creating fun memories is amazing for the health of your relationship! 


I asked a few of my most creative friends how they handle lacking creativity and making time for creative pursuits as a busy mom.

How busy moms stay creative

Alisha Miller @littlewomenfarmhouse

1. I find creative pursuits that I’m passionate about… mostly things that I make for other people, especially my girls, and I love making things for them!
2. I give myself deadlines, usually because I am making gifts so they need to be ready by a birthday or Christmas. Having deadlines keeps me going!
3. I give up other things, like watching movies and shows, so that I have time to create!

Faye Ralph @foreverfancybyfaye

How do I find time for my creative pursuits?

First, I have to have clear communication with my spouse! It was vital for my husband to understand that being creative to me is more than a hobby. I truly feel it’s a gifting God has given me and there’s a worship component when I use my creative talents. So, when I’m feeling out of sync, I know I need some time to myself to create and reconnect. Having my husband know this about me helps make it a priority.

As for pursuing creations as my small business, I pursue those projects when my children are sleeping! I’d say two nights a week after bedtime I get my time to take care of business matters.

Once again, good communication and expressing expectations with my hubby makes this happen. If I can’t get away by myself or after bedtimes and I’m feeling like I need to connect creatively, I choose something I can do with my kids like water color painting, drawing or giving them supplies to create something while I work!

Lauren Doorlag @foundandfree

I think What is super helpful to me is Steve being aware of how much I needed that creative outlet, especially being a stay at home mom where I am in the same space all the time. It is incredibly helpful that he understands that, and that helps him to be on the same page with me in terms of dedicating time/energy/budget to different projects like that.

Also, getting the kids involved with projects is super helpful for me. I feel bad when I am distracted from them for too long of a time, and they can feel left out, so I definitely try to engage them in whatever project might be going on!

I love these helpful ideas and tips from some seriously creative gals! Definitely making it a priority and good communication with your spouse are two big things!

Go forth and create in a way that lights you up! 

Take it farther: Create a list of creative activities you would love to try! Circle the top 3 that appeal to you.

What one pursuit could you do today with minimal cost or time expenditure? Place a star by and do it today or tomorrow!

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