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How to Find the Time to Workout

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“I saw you running this morning! You were booking it!”

“Thanks! I’m trying to get back into it and now I have a 5K two weeks away so I am really, really committed–I don’t want to pass out and die on the course!”

“I wish I could do something like that, but it’s so hard to find the time.”

how to find the time to workout

If I had a nickle for every time I’ve had a similar conversation I would own a Kate Spade purse. We all know that we should be exercising 30 minutes a day or something like that, we’ve bought the expensive workout clothes, joined the gym, read the training plans, pinned the workouts, but that’s as far as we get.  Time has infamously gotten away from us, that sneaky little devil!

I workout on average 5 days a week for 25-45 minutes a day, depending on the workout. I have a baby, a husband,  two part time jobs, friends, and family that all fill my time. I’m not a superhero or anything special, but I have worked out this piece of the puzzle and if I can find time to exercise you can find time to do it too! Here is how I find time to workout: f

1. It’s a priority to me. For my emotional and physical health I NEED to exercise. I am one of those weirdos that actually like to workout. I love being active and even though I may not be “into” a workout beforehand, I know that it makes my body and brain feel amazing and so it is a priority to me. I like the way fit me feels and so I workout. You have the same amount of hours in your day as Beyonce, Obama and every other mom, dad, working professional, or college student who is also out there busting it at the gym! There is no secret superpower–some have just made it a priority and are organizing their lives around that priority (7 Habits of a Highly Effective People–awesome book!).

2. I get up early. To be honest I think getting up early may be the real secret to successfully sticking with an exercise routine. Thankfully my baby is a great sleeper and my husband doesn’t go to work till a little before 9, so I don’t have to get up crazy-crazy early to get my workout in, normally around 7. Starting your day with fitness is an awesome feeling and it is amazing to have that crossed off your to-do list first thing! Nothing can get in the way of it if you do it first! (Check out more tips on My Morning Routine!)

Tips for developing a morning and evening routine

3. I have a backup plan. Start with a plan and a backup plan for your workout. Then have a backup, backup plan just in case. For example, my plan for tomorrow is to wake up at 7 and go to our camp gym and do a strength training workout. If I sleep through my alarm tomorrow and don’t wake up till 9 that’s okay. I’ll grab my weights and do an at-home workout on the deck (Thank God for Pinterest Workout boards!) while Layla plays in the yard in the morning.  If it’s raining and I “can’t” workout in the morning I can put in my 30 Day Shred dvd during naptime. If during naptime something for my part time job comes up that I HAVE to take care of right then and I can’t workout, it’s okay. They day isn’t over till it’s over. Every night at 8:00 pm a little alarm goes off on my phone. It’s the “last call workout” alarm. If I haven’t done my workout yet it is my final chance to get ‘er done!
Summer Shred Halfway Point

4. Build your at-home workout collection. I can have multiple back up plans because I have built up a great little home gym for myself. See more about my home gym setup in my Cheap Fitness Ideas post! To sum up, I have weights, an exercise ball, a weighted ball, a band, a yoga mat, and a variety of workout dvds (I stock up on them for the winter so I have lots of variety for the long winter months!).

ripped in 30

5. Embrace imperfection. There is a really cool movement called #wycwyc that is promoting health and fitness doing what you can when you can. It is founded by two bloggers I have a lot of respect for: Roni Noone and Carla Binberg. The premise is simple: I walk that you DO is better than a jog that you DON’T.  An extra flight of stairs is better than the elevator. Buy a fitbit and aim to take more steps todaythan you did yesterday. Little changes over time add up in huge ways. So stop thinking of the little as little! Just do #wycwyc (what you can when you can).

Also, yes, if you take 30 minutes to workout you may need to make simpler meals, accept laundry pileup, and not make kefir from scratch. I’m good with my hair air-drying and crumbs on my floor in order for me to have time for a workout!

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Chicago Weekend Getaway

If you can make working out a priority, get up a little earlier, have a backup plan (and backup, backup plan), build your at home gym so you always have options, and finally do what you can when you can you will be well on your way to building the habit of working out! Yes, we all have busy lives and habits take time to build, but it is possible and you CAN do it!

How do you make time for working out? If you workout how often and for how long? 

If you don’t, what is the biggest thing getting in your way? 

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  1. My husband goes to work at 5, so getting up early ain’t happenin’ 🙂 I’m glad it’s staying light longer now though! Putting those kids to bed and going on a jog is my kind of work out!

    1. Yes! Sometimes that after the storm calm is the kind of workout I need too. Or just to go on a walk by myself. In the quiet. #introvertproblems

  2. Love these tips/tricks – because if you are dedicated, there should be no reason for no time. It’s all about choices. What a great read, thank you 🙂

    1. That is key for me! The last two nights we’ve stayed up late and that has killed my early morning wake up times! But at least I have other opportunities to “make it up”. 🙂

  3. Oh my goodness! I love these all, but especially #5! I always try to tell people that doing even the littlest things can make a difference over time. Some people are all or nothing, so when they miss a workout they just give up completely or beat themselves up. Even if you do 20 minutes a day. It’s better than nothing. Thank you! #wowlinkup

    1. Thanks Serena! Yes for sure something (anything!) is better than nothing. Sometimes it’s hard to allow ourselves that, but it is the freedom we need cause life gets crazy sometimes. 🙂

  4. I love this! As a new mom I completely sympathize with the struggle of finding enough time to get a sufficient workout in. I talk about it a lot on my blog too! Short Pilates or HIIT workout videos during nap times or hauling it like a mad woman when out on walks with the stroller works for me!

  5. Great tips! It feels good to work out early in the day and get it over with! I wish I had a home gym set up, my apartment is too small! Having the backup plans, which are planned at least a week in advance, work very well for me. #wowlinkup

    1. I like it! There are lots of workout varieties. I need to do more HIIT workouts and she breaks down a lot of the science of HIIT too in the book.

  6. Great post! I will admit I don’t make it a priority to exercise so I have a hard time finding time because I make up excuses. I am horrible with my exercise habits and need to work on them. Thanks for linking up at #HomeMattersParty

  7. I utilize the glorious one hour that is Sesame Street to fit my at-home work out in! 🙂 We take big sister to school, get settled with some morning snacks and Elmo, and that (usually) gives me enough time to push play. Sometimes they join in with me, which is fun too. It’s all about doing what you can, when you can for sure!

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