January Blog Traffic & Income Report

Hello there! I’m back with my monthly review of my blog traffic and income. Tomorrow we’ll be back on the healthy recipes, fitness tips, and family stuff, but if you’re interested in building your blog or just plain old curious about the inner workings of blogging….welcome! Today’s post is for you! I am proof that there are small(ish) blogs out there making a nice part-time income from blogging. A few of my favorite income reports to read are: Pinch of YumBy Regina, and Eat Pray Run DC . January was a great month for me in terms of income and traffic. I hope this is the kind of month I can keep on having the rest of the year!

January 2016 Blogging Traffic and Income Report

Blog Traffic

This month I saw my pageviews return to their normal range after a dip in December. I had 20,500 pageviews and 14,800 unique visitors. My social media followers grew by 92 in January. Most of that growth was on Pinterest. Everywhere else it seems I am gaining a few, losing a few. Pinterest is my highest converting social media channel followed by Facebook.

Income Report

Sponsored Posts: $600

Social Media Campaigns: $25

Ads: $90.39

Affiliate Sales: 0.91

Total: $716.30

This was a big month for sponsored posts, which given the niche I am in (health and fitness) is not surprising! People are buying and looking healthy food, gadgets, and help this time of year! Also, my ad profit showed a jump because I’m now including a private advertising in with that number. I’m mulling over the pros and cons of continuing in the ad situation I’m in now or moving to somewhere new. Any suggestions of ad networks you love?

Expenses Report

This section contains affiliate links to services and products I’ve used to grow my blog. I get a small credit for each referral. Thanks for your support. 

Lowel Ego Light: $116

Adobe Photo (Lightroom & Photoshop): $9.99

Easy Recipe Plus Plugin: $12

Food Blogger Pro (Food Blogging community with video resources, tutorials, forum, and tons of bonus features by the bloggers behind Pinch of Yum. Use this discount link for $3 off your first month!): 29.99

Tailwind (Pinterest scheduling tool-LOVE it! Signing up with my affiliate link will get you a $15 credit to any plan too!): $10

Coschedule (Content Calendar and Social Media scheduling tool! Get a free 14 day trial first!): $10

Hosting: $10

Total: 197.98

Eek! So this is a higher expense month mostly because of buying the Lowel Ego Light. Sadly it is STILL on backorder from the manufacturer! I think if I don’t get it by the end of February I will cancel my order and get my money back. The company I ordered from has been up front about the delay so it’s definitely not their fault, it’s just that EVERYbody wants this light right now! The Lowel Ego light is awesome because it mimics the effect of natural light in food photography. The ability to take photos in the waning winter light or in the evening would be amazing!

easy baked oatmeal

My top two posts written in the month of January were Pineapple Coconut Baked Oatmeal and Whole Wheat Cheddar Beer Bread. Both are two absolutely scrumptious takes on healthy comfort food that you should eat as soon as possible! Also, my most viewed posts overall (so older than January included in the mix) were my Advocare 24 Day Challenge Meal Plan (a great clean-eating meal plan even if you’re not doing the challenge!) and Lazy Day Blueberry Cobbler. So half the people want clean eating meal ideas and the other part just want dessert! Lol!

Joining Elite Blog Academy

Also, if you are serious about growing your blog I would HIGHLY recommend you joining the Elite Blog Academy when it opens on February 22nd! The course only opens once or twice a year and you can read my entire review of the Elite Blogging Academy including how I grew my income by 36% in my post Blog Growth the RIGHT Way! Yes, this course is an investment, but yes, it is worth it and it comes with a money back guarantee! There are some pretty phenomenal tools that Ruth Soukup, the author of Living Well, Spending Less is offering right now too, including a LIVE webinar, “A Simple Framework for Success: 4 Steps Every Blogger Needs to Take” which will be held on Thursday, February 25th at 10am EST.

Also, if you sign up with one of my affiliate links I will also be hosting a small, mastermind group to go through the course together. In the group I’ll share my personal tips for balancing blog and family life, making an income, and my Blogging “Power Hour” strategy and checklist. The group will also serve as an extra layer of accountability and camaraderie for you as you complete the course. Shoot me an email (katemovingforward@gmail.com) with your receipt when you sign up and I will get you added to the group!

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What do you consider a successful blogging month? 

What blogging resources have you found helpful? 

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  1. Great Job, Kate! I’d love to chat over coffee sometime and pick your brain about being new to blogging. You’re an inspiration!

  2. Good month! As far as ads, I’m also playing around with different things. I just joined The Blogger Network and they are now managing my ads – I’ll see how it goes in terms of ad income. If it’s promising, then I’m going to drop BlogHer.

  3. I love that you post your stats so smaller bloggers can know that with dedication and work, they can create a income off a blog too!
    I’ve always wondered how people take such great food pictures, I have not heard of this light and now I am totally going to look into this, thanks so much for the mention on it!
    I don’t make quite as much as you, but as a smaller blogger I still can average a few hundred a month. Pinterest is what everyone seems to be getting their highest traffic from, I really need to work on that so much more. I think you’v just inspired me to get on that.

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