June Blogging Income Report

Hi there! So I know we are over halfway through July, but better late than never!

Ever think that you could write something on the internet and get paid for it? I sure didn’t!! But this platform has grown and I’m blessed to make a little money doing something I truly love! I don’t write this report to brag, but  because I have learned a lot by reading other bloggers income reports; I love those bloggers who are open enough to say here’s how I did it–you can too! Here are some income reports I read regularly: Pinch of Yum, Your Modern Family, Beauty Through Imperfection, and By Regina.

June Blogging Income Report

June Stats

I had 21,200 pageviews in June. My second quarter average pageviews is 21,133.33. 😉   Thanks for reading, sharing and overall being awesome! I want to take a monthly look at my combined social media growth too, so I’ll start tracking that this month.

May Revenue:

Sponsored Posts: $305

Social Media only campaigns: $0

Ads: $25.87

Affiliates: $3.27

Total Revenue: $334.14

2015 Average monthly revenue: $409

busting summer excuses: be active on vacation

As you can see my income was down this month. I noted last month that I was cutting back on my blogging to three days a week which is a good fit for my life now and family priorities (aka raising a baby, having a good marriage, my work at camp & enjoying my life). I am happy to see that my ad revenue went up, if even just a little. Although the majority of my income is from sponsored work, I’d like to grow my income in other more passive areas. In case you are curious I find my sponsored posts through Mode Media (my ad agency), TapInfluence, Fitfluential, Collective Bias and Clever Girls Collective.

May Expenses: 

You got to spend money to make money, or at least that’s what they tell me.

CoSchedule: $5

Hosting and Domain Name: $7.50

Fiverr e-book formatting: $21

Total Expenses: $33.50

Income less Expenses: $300.64

If you are looking for some good info on growing your blog check out this resource: Blogging on the Side (affiliate link). It’s a great introduction to blogging if you want to get started on the right food (without all the trial and error) or if you want to grow your blog!

My top two posts during June were Strawberry Basil Freezer Jam & Bust Your Summer Fitness Excuses. Interesting that my top post this month and last month had to do with strawberries. #iamobsessed

Strawberry Basil Freezer Jam Recipe

I completed one very big blogging goal at the end of June which was publishing a free gift for my newsletter subscribers, a downloadable cookbook filled with my favorite, everyday nutritious recipes: 7 Quick & Healthy Dinners for Your Family!  This is only available to my newsletter subscribers so if you want it enter your email address below and you will get a link to download it in your email inbox. So sign up! Just do it! Do it now!

I’m promoting this bad boy like crazy and I’m so thrilled to have it checked off my to-do list for the year!  It’s exciting and seriously, I’d love for you to be a part of my newsletter community. 🙂

I guess that is all to report for this month! Now I’m off to soak in some summer!

IMG_7357Have a great day!

What blogging questions do you have for me? Ever wondered about something behind the scenes? Ask away! 

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    1. I agree! Although this week I feel like I have “a lot” of posts to write so I may up it. I’d rather start with less and add a few days as needed than be overwhelmed with a schedule I can’t keep up with. AND I’ve seen traffic growth from posting less, so yeah, less is more in my book!

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