Learning from Slipups and Week 7 Weight Watchers

Well Week 7 of Weight Watchers has definitely been interesting! On Wednesday night I woke up and spent the night on the couch throwing up. That morning Nate woke up and then we were both sick. Just kind of picture that one scene from Bridesmaids and insert a crying, confused baby. Oy vey! We laid low for the next couple days and when the stomach bug cleared I found myself struggling with a cold–congestion, sore throat, headache from sinus pressure. Ugh!

So yesterday is the first day in almost a week that I have felt close to normal. I worked out one time last week. Just once.

And guess what?

Weight Watchers Week 7

It still works.

I lost a pound this week (and it was far enough removed from the stomach bug that I know it wasn’t because of that!). I kept tracking even when sick and tired and tempted to just eat pudding and buy a loaf of French bread and live on that for a day.

This was far from the normal week I had last week, but I didn’t give up or let it derail me. I honored my body by resting and replenishing as healthily as I could. This week in my meeting we talked about slipups. It’s easy to let one bad choice or one out of control circumstance wreck havoc on your healthy living. You just kind of fall into that “oh well” attitude. You end up gaining weight, feeling depressed, lacking energy, a sense of failure and saddest of all, you surrender the control of your life. You let the circumstances be in charge and you just “go with the flow”. Except the flow is going the opposite of where you really want to be.

I’ve definitely had slipups in my healthy living journey. I’ve let a bad day become a bad week, become a bad month. I’ve made excuses about 80/20 when it was more like 40/60. I have regrets even about how I handled my post-pregnancy weight loss. My Weight Watchers leader shared this amazing quote:”If you were driving 100 miles and missed a turn at mile 98 would you start your trip all over again?”

100 mile question

But I can’t dwell on them. I can’t keep looking over my shoulder thinking “If only I had started earlier, I knew the meetings would help keep me on track”. I have to be in the present, focused on achieving my future goals, not weighed down by past slipups. 

Let your slipups become stepping stones

I’m proud of this week and where I am in my weight loss journey. I’m nothing special, just a gal working the plan. The mistakes I’ve made make me a kinder, more empathetic human. I don’t plan on repeating them, but I do plan on learning from them.

I’m back to a normal week of workouts, tracking, and healthy eats! I plan on doing 3 strength workouts, 2 running workouts, and 1 yoga workout this week. I’m itching to run again! I’ll be splurging this week during our church’s youth fundraiser talent show and dinner. I’m crossing my fingers for lasagna! And garlic bread. Yummm…. I’m all for treats within reason and getting back on track after the last bite.

How to handle a sugar craving

Hope you are having a fantastic week or at least aren’t in the middle of a crazy-sick week.

What do you do when faced with a slipup or crazy time? 

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    1. Yes ma’am! It is true for so many things–relationships, jobs, managing money–we have to forgive ourselves and move on.

  1. Good for you for making the best of a ‘bad’ week.

    I did the SFT this week and was rewarded with a nice loss. Good to reaffirm that the program works if you follow it!

    Hope you have an awesome week and are feeling better.

  2. I agree with the quote- letting slip ups be stepping stones. One slip up isn’t a make it or break it, just pick up and keep moving forward 🙂

  3. I definitely have 40/60 days too! I love that quote about driving though–that really puts things into perspective! :] I hope you feel better soon!

    1. Thanks Abby! I’m thinking about getting a paper tracker instead of doing it all on my app—what do you use?

  4. Oh gosh, I feel like I slip up in “life” daily. But as you said, those become our stepping stones. I feel wiser and stronger after every slipup!

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