Lies I Tell Myself While Running

Lies I tell myself while running…

Lies I tell myself while running--hilarious!

  • You like running
  • You’re so fast
  • There are no hills on this route


  • You don’t have to pee
  • You like running hills
  • Hills are fun
  • This hill is not too bigmoving
  • There are no more hills on this route
  • Just a little further
  • You look hawt in this running outfitIMG_1658
  • You still don’t have to pee
  • You like running hills
  • Just a few more minutes
  • People driving by wish they were you
  • Pink shoes make you run faster


  • You definitely don’t have to poop
  • You are light as the wind
  • You like running


Oh wait, you do like running. Smile

Do you lie to yourself while running or working out?

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  1. I always tell myself that I’m close to being done and it will get easier the longer I run. Eh, I guess it works!

  2. Hahaha! This is so true… it does help to lie to yourself on the run 🙂

    “I don’t have to pee” is a popular one for me or on speed workout days, “Oh, this pace is just so easy!”, “No, I’m not going to throw up.”

  3. LOL! I just started running again, I had stopped for years and this time instead of lying to myself, when I start to feel like I was ran over by a semi I just say to myself “I can do all things through Christ….I can do all things through Christ….”it works though I keep going and have come to realize I really really underestimate myself sometimes!

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