Life with Baby: 2 Weeks

Hey there! So I thought I would give you a little life and baby update. I’m convinced more and more everyday that being a parent is the most selfless act on the planet. I marvel at the fact that we all started so small and dependent. I’m unceasingly grateful for the love that my parents have given me; and even now, I recognize how much I need them in my life.

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Layla is doing well.  She was weighed on Monday when I visited a lactation consultant and is just shy of her birth weight. Her “2 week” appointment is coming up and I’m excited to see her progress and to check in with her pediatrician.  Layla is having more awake and alert time, too. She likes to watch lights, listen to music, lay on her blanket, read books, and sit in her chair. She likes to be talked to and she sneezes in multiples (so cute!). She really only gets grumpy if her eating is put off or if she is over tired, she’s not one to cry just to cry, which I’m SO thankful for. We have (fingers crossed) fallen into a small routine which is working well for her.


I’m feeling pretty much 100% “healed up”—I’m looking forward to warmer weather and being able to take Layla out on some walks and such, but we’re still playing it pretty low key.  I’m not getting a ton of unbroken sleep, but I feel like I am mastering life on 2-3 hour jaunts of sleep when Layla is sleeping. And yes, sleeping when the baby sleeps was really hard at first—I had so many concerns running through my mind and sometimes I get weird adrenaline rushes at random times too—but thankfully, for the most part, sleep is going as well as can be expected. Smile

I stepped on the scale the other day and I’ve lost almost half of the weight I gained with Layla too (obviously without trying). I’m actually trying to be conscious of eating lots of good snacks and meals so that my milk supply stays up. I’m definitely eating more healthy now that before I had her—I actually am craving fresh salads and vegetables which hasn’t happened since before I got pregnant.


I’m also so grateful for the many supportive and wonderful people in my life. Being a mother has made me appreciate my mom so much more. She’s been wonderful! My sister has also been here this week helping out: ie being my “housemaid” (we’ve also had an epic Downton Abbey season 3 binge) and holding baby Layla.  Nate has had a super-busy work week and it was so great to have her here!  And I’m equally amazed and blessed by my amazing husband and teammate on this parenting adventure. He’s been so sweet, helpful, and an amazing daddy. It truly is an incredibly gift from God to have and raise a child with the person you love.


So that’s us two weeks into this parenting adventure! I’m loving all the little moments and trying to soak them all in.

What were some of your favorite moments from the first weeks? Any advice, right now?

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  1. Isn’t it amazing to see your husband turn into a father? I felt this incredible bond with him those first couple of months. I am glad things are going well! Enjoy the moments, they really do fly by. One thing I wish I had done was write a journal – even in a cheap little notebook. I’d love to be able to read about everything 3 years later – you don’t think you will forget but you do a little.

  2. I remember the moment after Sophie was born when I realized all my mother had done and given up for me… definitely humbling!

    And I had a Downton Abbey binge after Brielle was born. Must be the thing for new mommies to do!

  3. Awww I love this post! Glad everything is going so well. The first two weeks with B I just remember feeling very overwhelmed and not sure of what to do. lol

    1. There have definitely been those moments too–especially the first week, but it’s nice to start to feel a little bit of confidence in knowing Layla and her needs now.

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