Living Wide Awake: Longing for Paris Book Review

What would your life look like if you Lived Wide Awake? If everyday was as grand of an adventure as waking up in Paris? If you truly savored your food, your children, your home, your calling and your dreams? longing for paris book review

Last winter I read Sarah Mae and Sally Clarkson’s Desperate: Hope for Mom’s Who Need to Breathe and it struck a chord with me. I devoured it on my first read through (classic Kate move!) and then read it again slowly, letting it really sink into my heart. If you are a mom, I highly recommend it! It’s like a conversation between a young mom and her mentor.

So when Sarah Mae offered a chance to apply to be on her launch team for her new book Longing for Paris: One Woman’s Search for Joy, Beauty, and Adventure Right Where She Is I jumped right on it! I got an e-book copy to read and guys, it has been so. good.

There were so many truths in this book. It’s hard to summarize, but here are three things I’m walking away with:

1. God is for your dreams. He put your longings into you for a reason, they can have a greater purpose to serve and glorify Him!  Sarah says it like this: “And I think that’s the trick—not chasing dreams, but surrendering them and yourself to the Lord. You can map out a plan and still live by faith. To do this, you must be in His Word and must be vulnerable enough to let Him do what He needs to do in you before He can use you.”


This book made me take a step back and really consider what my dreams and longings are…I honestly didn’t know! It took some soul-searching but I can now recognize the desires God has placed in my heart for His glory. And I recognize that some dreams are in a holding pattern right now as I live out my dream of being a ministry wife and mama.

2. Be adventurous. Choose to live with joy and create little adventures throughout your day. Approach marriage, child-rearing, laundry, and really anything as an opportunity to create memories, adventure, joy and infuse the moment with Jesus.

I want to find His glory and magnificence in my everyday life. I want to let myself enjoy Him. I am accepting His love in all its forms.

spontaneous summer fun

In this spirit I took my baby girl for ice cream last week at a little ice cream place overlooking our lake. We ate ice cream before lunch. It was sticky and messy and glorious. And what do you know, it’s fun to be a fun parent!

3. God loves me so-so-so much. I know it’s not rocket science, but somewhere deep inside my soul I feel like God loves me based on my performance: on me being a “good girl”, reading my Bible everyday, not losing my temper, and being “servant-hearted”. But that’s a lie. No matter what, He loves me.

Longing for Paris quotes

On Friday afternoon I was at my parent’s and sequestered myself at the Quiet Corner, my favorite little tea shop, tucked into the woods and spent a few hours alone finishing reading Longing for Paris, thinking, journaling, praying, meditating, and listening to God. It was an amazing way to end this book-study.

At the end of each chapter Sarah has some really thought-provoking questions and Scripture texts for meditation, plus a fun “Paris-themed” adventure to try! I would definitely recommend reading this book to ANY woman! (There are chapters geared toward marriage and kids, but don’t let that stop you from buying this book if you’re single!) You can preorder Longing for Paris on Amazon and it will ship to your door in early August! Just think how happy future-you will be to get this book, a nice end-of-summer surprise.

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What is one adventurous thing you’ve done this month? A book you’ve read recently that really resonated with you? 

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