Looking Back, Looking Ahead.

Long Run Recap

So the weekend was fun! I’m not going to lie and say I wasn’t nervous before running.  I really wanted to chicken out and stay in bed, but at 6:00 AM the sky was starting to lighten out my window and wooed me out of bed, into my running clothes, and out the door to my running group meet up. The sun was just coming up over downtown as I drove through…I’m a little sad now that daylight savings time has struck the sun’s not going to up this early anymore.



I was nervous about the hills, the distance, everything.  The first miles I felt good.  Even through some tough hills my legs were on auto-pilot.  When I got to the 5 mile point and headed back to the start, I noticed the wind—blowing in my face. haha!  At the turnaround point I started running with two other ladies I had never met before so we talked almost the entire 5 miles back!  It definitely made those last miles more enjoyable and helped me mentally tackle the hills on the way back.  Yay for new running buddies!


Exercise Plan

Sunday: Walk for active rest

Monday: Strength workout

Tuesday: 3 Mile Run

Wednesday: 6 Mile Run

Thursday: 3 Mile Run

Friday: Strength workout

Saturday: 13 Mile Run

I’m overall very happy with where I am on my marathon training.  My long run went well and I have nothing to hinder my workouts the rest of the week. Hurrah! I’m also excited because my mom, dad, sister, and big brother are planning on cheering me on at the marathon! Woohoo!


Augh! The long run munchies are back with a vengeance!  It really is stupid.  Any idea for staving off the crazy carb cravings?  I’m having them bad, bad, bad.

Rough Meal Plan

Homemade pizza <<<<<I’m SO Obsessed!!!<<<<<<<

Ribs (in crockpot)

Swiss Steak

Meatballs and pasta or quinoa.

Something else. Ha!

I’ve requested a couple of Paleo cookbooks from the Michigan inter-library system.  I’m interested in learning more about this system of eating and overall reducing carbs (especially refined ones) from my diet. I think I’m going to start by reducing grains/gluten in the evening meal and see how that goes. I don’t really want or see the validity in reducing a whole food group that doesn’t appear to be causing me distress. But we’ll see. I’m keeping an open mind.

Random Thoughts

I want to continue losing weight but I’m pretty happy with where I am now which is a good feeling.  So if I lose some over the marathon training—great; if not—well that’s okay too. My jeans are fitting well and someone at my run group (who I hadn’t seen in almost a month) told me she thought I looked like I lost weight which felt good! So I seem to be firming up and slimming down, even if the scale has been static the last week.  Maybe I’m starting to let go of that “perfect weight” and maybe that’s not a bad thing.


It was also so nice and warm (well relatively) this weekend! It even hit a high of 50!  I’m loving all the signs of spring: the ice is melting and there are little pieces of green sprouting up everywhere. Grow little green things grow!


Nate is off work for two days after working everyday for the past two weeks! He’s a crazy hard worker and I love him for it, but it will be nice for him and us to have some downtime. Summer will be here before we know and then things will get real crazy. haha! I guess that is camp life!  I’m so positively grateful for being here though and 2013 is already so much more awesome than 2012!

What is one awesome thing in your life now?

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  1. Wow. 13 miles? That’s dedication. I’m always impressed at people that run a lot. I used to run “for fun” when I was in college but the most I ever did was 7 miles (and that was out of anger – I didn’t want to return home). Also, great pic of the cat in sneakers!

    1. Thanks Caroline! I’m not really running for “fun” persay…I like the challenge of a longer distance and setting my mind to something and accomplishing it, but it’s not necesarily fun. haha! And I can’t take credit for the pic, but it is pretty incredible right? Sums up the marathon for me at this point! 😉

  2. Oh, I so relate to the food cravings after long runs! Mine seem to last all week, until my next long run! Crazy business. I am trying to accept it as part of the process but it would definitely make focusing on losing weight hard. Congratulations on your run though! You are doing amazingly with it 🙂

    I love the pictures in this post too – they sum things up perfectly.

  3. Great job on the miles!

    I’m a carb junkie myself. I wouldn’t worry about it too much with all the miles you’re running. Remember good carbs are good for you. Look into quinoa and other good carbs that fill you up and help curb those cravings, though. I always eat like a horse when I’m training!

    Thanks for linking up for Pinning and Planning!

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