Marathon Training and Weight Loss

A lot going on this weekend: 11 mile marathon training run, grocery shopping, meal plans, exercise plans, and weight loss update. Crazy!

On Friday night Nate and I went out for the evening.  I love our impromptu date nights! No matter what we always have fun together. We first ate dinner at Steak N Shake.  I had a plain double burger and a small order of fries.  It was pretty tasty and a decent fast food option.  We were tempted by the milkshakes but ended up passing.  We did some clothes shopping (I got three tops!) and then we were lured into a frozen yogurt shop.  I had done SO WELL avoiding dairy, but I had a tiny bit (maybe 1/3 cup) yogurt topped with raspberries, walnuts, and snickers pieces.  It was delicious, but I really really need to steer clear of ALL dairy for awhile, even though it pains me. Then we got groceries and I found this cute, bright, sweat-wicking top at Meijer for $4.50 so I snatched it up!


It’s bright and fun!

Marathon Training

I woke up bright and early for my training run yesterday.  I was kind of dreading it after last weeks’ incredibly tough run. I think the worst part of my training runs is brushing off my car in the morning—I’m all psyched up for my run and then I walk outside and bummer I have to run around in the early morning brushing off snow, freezing my buns off—I always feel like crawling back in bed.  IMG_1520

Enough whining. So it’s cold in Michigan. Got to the run spot and things just seemed to start of quickly.  I eavesdropped on someone’s conversation about online dating and then chatted for the next 3 miles or so with someone I had never talked to in my group.  She just ran a marathon last weekend in Grand Rapids! Wow!  I found out later from my pace leader that we were rocking about 10 minute miles together, I just didn’t realize it because we were talking. At mile 4 our group had shrunk to 8 or so people and I just kind of bounced around chatting with whoever would talk! We were clipping along at about a 10:30 pace and our leader yelled at us to slow down. haha! You don’t have to tell me twice lady!  Winking smile


It was pretty bitterly cold (in the single digits), but the sun was out and the roads were clear!  I felt tired, but never felt exhausted and I was proud to finish with a smile on my face and a little gas in the tank! I also found the perfect recovery snack, a cinnamon crunch bagel from Panera, heavy on the cream cheese, paired with a vanilla latte. Yeah, that could become a “thing”.


I also did much better at not laying around all day post-run. It is very easy to “rest on your laurels” after a long run, but I’m glad I stayed active and didn’t go into hibernation mode.

Weight Loss

I’ve basically been holding steady the last two weeks.  I could be frustrated by this, say “what does it matter”, stop tracking my calories and more or less give up. Or I could take this as one form of feedback, acknowledge what it does and doesn’t tell me and keep moving forward.

What it tells me is that my weight is the same. It doesn’t tell me that I’m logging lots of miles running and feeling stronger than ever on my runs.  It doesn’t tell me my clothes all still fit fine.  It doesn’t tell me about my tracking calories faithfully.  It doesn’t tell me whether or not I’m successful, strong or healthy.  I’m not defined by a number.

Exercise Plans

Sunday: Active recovery for 30-45 minutes: walking, bowling, biking, easy running

Monday: Strength workout focusing on lower body

Tuesday: Warm up for 1 mile; 20 minutes (or 2 miles) HIIT running; 1 Mile cool down

Wednesday: 6 easy miles

Thursday: Strength workout focusing on upper body

Friday: 4 miles easy with some stride outs

Saturday: REST

Sunday: Portage Winterblast Half Marathon! Open-mouthed smile Open-mouthed smileOpen-mouthed smile

Meal Plans

Sunday: Chicken Enchilada Pie

Monday: Pizza buns

Tuesday: Sweet Potato Soup in crockpot

Wednesday: Buffalo wings

Thursday: At friends and I’m making cheesecake for Valentines Day!

Friday: Burgers

Saturday: Spaghetti (carb loading!!)

That’s all for now folks! Hope you have a restful Sunday and are energized to face the week!


What was your favorite part of the weekend? That bagel was mine.

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