Hey friends! Here are some marriage resources we have used to help us have a more joyful and intentional marriage.

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The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work

Sacred Marriage

The Five Love Languages

What Did You Expect? Redeeming The Realities of Marriage

Boundaries in Marriage

Your Bible. 😆 I know it sounds like a Jesus-juke, (and although the Bible is NOT written as a marriage manual) but follow Jesus intently and you will become a better spouse. Encourage your spouse to do the same and your marriage will shift for the better.

Other Resources

Gottman Institute Marriage Minute Email — bite size marriage tip and teaching in your inbox each day! I seriously love this and learn so much from it! Their website is also fantastic and full of resources.

Follow Dr. Henry Cloud on Instagram — He wrote the book Boundaries and has great tips for all relationships, including marriage. He also has a podcast called, The Boundaries.me Podcast.

Date night — Go on date nights! Go away together! Have fun together and remember why you like each other! 30 Vibrant Date Night Ideas here!

Enneagram Resources

Learning about the Enneagram has done so much for my marriage, knowing myself and my husband better has had the side benefit of improving our marriage and communication. Here are some helpful places to start on your enneagram journey:

To read:

The Road Back to You – Enneagram 101

The Sacred Enneagram – Enneagram 201

Becoming Us: Using The Enneagram to Create a Thriving Gospel-Centered Marriage

To listen:

Annie F. Downs Enneasummer Series

The Enneagram Journey Podcast

Typology Podcast

The Best on Instagram:

Your Enneagram Coach — She does a beautiful job of weaving the gospel and the enneagram together! Also has a podcast and marriage book using the Enneagram called Becoming Us!

Enneagram and Coffee

A lot of times I send Nate enneagram posts and just ask is this true for you? or does this resonate with you?