May Coffee Date

Hey there!

I have a couple seconds and Miss Layla is busy playing with her legos so I thought I would invite you on a little coffee date with me! To see the full Ultimate Coffee Date check out Deborah, Lynda, and Coco‘s blogs.

coffee date

The coffee is Caribou Coffee which I picked up on a whim at WalMart last week. It was the only other whole bean coffee besides Starbucks and I decided to give it a try. I’m glad I did! Two thumbs up!


If we were having coffee today I would tell you how excited I am that my sister is coming to visit today! Yay for sister time! She is finally done with tax season and we are all rejoicing! It’s been months since I’ve seen her!

Sister craftin'

I’d also tell you that Nate and I are going to see the new Avengers movie (we are kinda fans!) tonight for a date! Yay dates! We are meeting up with friends before for dinner too. How often do you go on date nights? They are hard to fit in, but we try to do two a month or every other week. It’s good for our marriage and sanity…although we still talk about Layla a lot.

Celebrate your superpower

Speaking of Layla, it’s been warmer so we are getting out more and enjoying the playgrounds and friends around camp. Summer is going to be so much fun with Layla! We have so many cool opportunities as camp people and having this awesome community at our fingertips is one of them!


I’ve been enjoying my runs more too. It’s so nice to run outside and be in nature. I mentioned it a few times on Instagram, but I’ve also been using MeStrength products (<<affiliate link) after I run and I have been noticeably less sore! And they taste good!

spring flowers

Well I think I’m going to close this and take my coffee cup on the road while I look for some flowers and rhubarb in our community garden. Have a great Saturday!

What’s your favorite kind of coffee? What would you tell me today if we were on a coffee date? 

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  1. Yay! That’s awesome that you get to hang out with your sister today! :] Hope you have an awesome time!

    I might be seeing the new Avengers movie too tonight if we manage to talk my friend out of wanting to watch Unfriended (sigh)!

    Layla is adorable, and I love those spring flowers! (Yay for community gardens too! <3 I want to be a part of one someday!)

  2. i can’t wait to see the new avengers movie but sadly i think it is going to have to wait until memorial day weekend. hope you enjoyed it!

    1. We didn’t end up going…the theater was too crowded. 🙁 I’d rather wait and have more room or see it at home!

  3. Yum, rhubarb! I have some growing in my back yard…it’s a plant that’s been in my family for years. I split a plant that was at my parents’ house, which came from a plant that was at my grandparent’s house, which came from a plant that was at my great-grandparents’ farm! Ha! What do you make with yours?

    1. I love it too! How cool that you have like a family plant! I used it to make strawberry rhubarb baked oatmeal–so yummy! Strawberry rhubarb jam is soo good too!

    1. It’s good for us and nice to eat dinner without having to entertain a toddler at a restaurant….we love her, but it is a priority for us to get away!

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