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Midweek Update: Fruit and Baby Class

Hey guys! Here we are halfway through the week! I am super-pumped to report that I have finished my two workouts for Monday and Tuesday! Woot! Two in a row is like a personal pregnancy record for me! haha!  And I’ve had four or five servings of fruit/veggies the past two days. #winning. Maybe I can finally lay off the bagels. I’m feel much more like myself and have higher energy than I have in awhile so that feels absolutely amazing! I only needed a short nap yesterday! lol!IMG_2065 - Copy

I also went to my first pregnancy group class and I really liked it! It was a little awkward at first, but pretty soon we were talking and interacting. Since we were all pregnant at least we all had one thing in common! We started out introducing ourselves and then we were taught how to use a blood pressure cuff and did a small activity during which everyone cycled through one-on-ones with the midwife. After that we did a group discussion on nutrition which was very informative and nice to get straight answers from a health professional instead of a million internet websites of semi-reliable origin. Winking smile

ugly baby

(Random free domain ugly baby because I didn’t want to be snapping photos in the class—hoping our kid turns out cuter!)

All the people in my class were nice, there were 8 pregnant women and some had partners with them so it was a nice size class—not too big and not awkwardly small. Overall, I’m really happy that I went to the class and I’m excited to continue going, learning, and getting to know the other participants. There is also always a healthy snack and lots of great resources and materials available.

Also, everything looked great with the baby!  The heartbeat was pretty high (girl?), but I am carrying pretty low (boy?)—I guess we will just have to wait and see.

How have you done so far this week in meeting your healthy eating/workout goals?

Did you have any reliable old wives’ tale gender indicators?

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  1. Awe that group sounds like it will be a great way to gain support from others who understand your scenario!!! Those strawberries look awesome 🙂

    1. Yeah, I think it’ll be pretty neat learning from each other. Plus we have 3 or so that have one baby already so that’s nice to hear from people with more experience.

  2. I feel like an idiot…i didn’t know you were pregnant! Congratulations!
    Sounds like an awesome group!

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