Monday: BodyBack and Workout Plan

Hey guys! Just checking in this weekend on some of my goals and progress…just a good, old fashioned, me-centric post. With a couple gratuitous baby pics.


So this week the scale stayed the same, but I went down .75 inches so that is definitely a good thing! I’m not thrilled with my weight, but I’m really committed to breastfeeding Layla as exclusively as possible for the first 6 months… and it turns out that instead of dropping weight while nursing my body is holding onto it, which isn’t that uncommon, but kind of stinks. So slow and steady is the name of the game. And building muscle and endurance. And all the good things no matter what the “results” are right now. Good thing she’s cute. Winking smile

photo 2 (2)

Good Things from Last Week:

  • Worked out 4 times last week (I think?—Wow, it was a blur of a week!) including a two strength workouts (Summer Shape Up workout was awesome!) and two walking workouts and despite having a crazy family/work schedule.
  • Tracked okay. Honestly not the best week tracking and eating healthy. I’m a big stress eater and I was feeling stressed. It could have been better, but it also could have been much, much worse.

Goals for Next Week:

  • Continue tracking and eating lots of fruits/veggies. Focus on healthy fats, protein and fruits/veggies. Defocus (is that a word?) on carbs and snacky stuff.
  • Find out what meals will work for our schedule and what the best things to eat at those meals are. Some choices are obvious, but some are a little harder.
  • Follow the Summer Shape-Up workouts and amp up the intensity! photo 1 (2)

Obstacles to Achieving my Goals:

  • Yummy camp food! lol!
  • Trips! I’m heading down to Indiana a couple times this week to visit friends and family and for a wedding so that always makes things a bit interesting.
  • Not having what I need in the house. i.e. I need to buy some protein powder for afternoon smoothie snacks!

Exercise Plan for Upcoming Week:

Sunday: Run/Walk for 35 minutes (3-2 Run-Walk Intervals)—DONE

Monday: Summer Shape Up #2 and 15 minutes cardio

Tuesday: Rest

Wednesday: Run/Walk 35 minutes (4-2 Run-Walk Intervals)

Thursday: Rest

Friday: Summer Shape Up #2 and HIIT Challenge (45 seconds hard/45 seconds easy)

Saturday: Yoga or Walk

So there you have it! We have been having great weather this week and it was an absolutely perfect weekend here in Michigan! Hope you have a fantastic Monday—I’ll be back this week with a super-yummy recipe for the grill and with Layla’s 4 month update! *tears* I’m looking forward to a Marvelous week so I’m linking up to Marvelous in My Monday as well.

What is one workout you are looking forward to this week?

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  1. Have fun at the wedding! Wedding cake is so hard to say no too. And Layla is such a cutie!

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