11 Tips to Create Your Perfect Good Morning Routine

Find the best good morning routine for you to help you create a life aligned with your purpose and filled with joy. 

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Back when my firstborn daughter was born I did a lot of reading about baby sleep. Because sleep was a rare gem and I needed to know how to get more for everyone in our household. 

In my reading I noticed many experts suggested getting your little one on a sleep routine–bathtime, then jammies, snuggles in dark room, book, song and lights out. Once I did this with my daughter I was amazed how routine based she naturally is…and how happy having a routine makes her!

babies love routine!

It’s almost like we humans are built for routines.

I’m amazed how much smoother things go when I have a morning and evening routine locked in. I’ve learned (just like I did with my baby) that routines aren’t set in stone, but guidelines to help us maximize our natural life-rhythm.

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Creating Your Perfect Good Morning Routine

Why should I have a morning routine?

It’s important to understand the why before you begin to just create a schedule. Here are some great reasons to develop a morning rhythm to start your day. 

  1. Set yourself up for success. Do something “future you” would thank you for.
  2. Eliminate the “what now?” stress.
  3. Get stuff done! Take advantage of your energy levels knock out the essential stuff!
  4. Prioritize your day. Don’t you hate it when you’ve “done stuff” but gotten nothing of importance completed?
  5. Build positive habits that contribute to your happiness.
  6. Get centered and energized as your day starts.

Love my coffee

What should be a part of my routine? 

Well, that kind of depends on you! I love this p


iece of advice from 7 Habits of Highly Effective people: “Determine your priorities and then organize your life around them”.

Everyone’s priorities are going to be different, but I definitely like to workout, shower, and have my devotions first thing in the morning before beginning the rest of my day. 

20 Ideas to Include in Your Morning Routine

  1. Stretch
  2. Meditate
  3. Open the blinds
  4. Make coffee and drink slowly
  5. Make your bed
  6. Prep meals for the day
  7. Drink a glass of water
  8. Read a personal development book
  9. Workout
  10. Read a newspaper or news website
  11. Make breakfast
  12. Read the Bible
  13. Unload the dishwasher
  14. Start a load of laundry
  15. Repeat daily affirmations
  16. Journal 
  17. Listen to music
  18. Check your email
  19. Make your to-do list
  20. Shower

Start your day with coffee

My Simple Morning Routine

I find the simpler I go with my morning routine the more likely I am to stick to it. 

1. Movement

I find if I move my body first thing in the morning, I wake up easier and have more energy throughout the day.  Just doing something–whether I do a full “official workout” or just a “mini workout” (doing 20 squats, pushups, and a minute plank) or some gently yoga moves in my bedroom getting my blood flowing is a great first step to my morning routine. 

2. Cup of coffee 

I do not go without coffee. End of story. Actually, about a year ago I switched to decaf and have now found my happy medium with half-caf. I feel less jittery and anxious AND I still get to drink a lot of coffee. 

lorelei gilmore saying she needs coffee in a vat at Luke's

3. Read my Bible

Once my body is awake I want my spirit awake too. Taking 15 minutes to align myself spiritually by reading the Bible or a devotional centers me and helps me be a better human, wife, and mama.

See my post How To Have Devotions – 5 Examples from Women of Faith for my full Bible reading routine. 

Bible and claiming the promises Bible study on a table with mug of tea.

4. Get ready for my day

Some days I get on a roll cleaning or going about the day and stay in my workout clothes, but my best mornings I am showered, dressed, and light makeup on–ready for the day.

5. Top three of the day

Boil it down to three essential tasks you’d like to do today. Three is enough and keeps me focused on the big things amidst all we have going on. It should all fit on a post it note in normal sized handwriting. Don’t overcomplicate it. Today’s list is:

    1. Do one load of laundry start to finish.
    2. Unpack my clothes from a trip
    3. Take kids on a walk

By hitting all these 5 things I can set myself up for a fantastic day–and even if things go south I can always look back with satisfaction on my morning.

Be flexible with your routine

I promise my routine doesn’t happen perfectly every day, but I’m building habits and creating my best good morning routine step by step. I know I can always adjust what I have in my morning routine to meet whatever new crazy comes along. 

young mom with three kids around a christmas tree

Like everyone knows, sometimes the routine goes out the window. Although I rely on my routine, it is flexible and here to serve me–not the other way around. 

If I feel overwhelmed by my routine rather then served by it then I know it’s time to take a page from Elsa and “let it go-let it go”.

elsa sings let it go while running her hand through her hair

I also build margin into my routine...so if I go to bed and wake up with a raging headache, so instead of waking up early for a workout, I sleep in and I do devos & coffee while my kids play, then eat breakfast and clean up, and squeeze my getting ready and workout later in the day. 

Sometimes you simply roll with the backup plan and that is okay

Using a morning routine helps me focus and feel accomplished as a work at home mom! To get details of my morning routine, plus daily habit trackers, journaling pages, goal setting tips and more check out Your Vibrance Reset Toolkit

Mockup Vibrance Reset Toolbox

YOUR VIBRANCE RESET TOOLBOX is a powerful and practical digital toolkit, designed to help you learn combine the power of God’s truth with mindfulness, reflection, and vision-setting so that you know the steps to take everyday to create a life that is overflowing with purpose and joy! 

Basically I break down my full morning routine into weekly teachings and daily tasks that helps you create step by step morning reset aligned to your goals and values!

If you’re ready to go to the next level with creating a morning routine that serves you–it is perfect!

What do you include in your morning routine? 

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