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25 of the Best Baby Essentials For New Moms

The first month with a new baby is hard. It’s beautiful and amazing and you should cherish it…but it’s also really hard. That’s why people bring you casserole after you have a baby because cheese + carbs makes everything better.  But the good news is things (normally) get easier and as I’ve added babies to my little brood I’ve found my newborn essentials, the things that make my life with a newborn easier and better.

Newborn Essentials - Favorite baby and postpartum items and tips to make your transition to a new mom easier!

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Where did we do our Baby Registry?

For our firstborn we registered at Amazon for our Baby Registry! A few reasons why…

  • I sometimes find stores overwhelming
  • I like to read reviews about products
  • Anyone could use it anywhere…they didn’t have to be near a Target or Buy Buy Baby.
  • We could get a discount on un-purchased items in the days leading up to our baby’s due date or afterwards.
  • Because we are already Amazon Prime (get a FREE 30 day trial to test it out) members thus 2 day shipping was an absolute win!  It is INSANELY helpful to be able to buy something at 2 am during a nursing session or pregnancy induced bout of insomnia and have it appear just a few short days later!
  • I would still register (especially with your first) at a brick and mortar store because some people just like to shop in person over online. 

Newborn Essentials For Baby…

Aden & Anais Swaddle Blankets – I love these blankets. I brought two with me to the hospital because I’m a snob and I want to wrap my babies up in MY blankets that are soft and pretty and smell like home. We are still in the swaddle stage with these, but I also love them for a light blanket, burp cloth, and nursing cover.

Cradle Cap Brush – Both Layla and Barrett had cradle cap and a friend recommended this for Barrett and I’m telling you I used it twice (with a coconut oil) and the cradle cap was gone and didn’t come back! Check out the reviews on Amazon, but I’m telling you it’s amazing and kind of addictively therapeutic to use.

Burts Bees Shampoo and Lotion – I love both of these for all the kids, but especially in the baby days. They both smell soo good, are gentle and free of “yuck”. I’ve been known to steal a bit of the lotion for myself from time to time.

Sleep and Plays – Griffin has been living in little sleepers. They are cute, soft, easy for diaper changes, comfy, and don’t have to be pulled over his head which makes getting dressed easier. The real question is why aren’t we all wearing these? My favorite brand is Carters for these guys and while I like the zipper version, I don’t hate snaps either.

Pacifiers – We use these pacifiers  — I’d estimate having 6-8 on hand if you plan on using pacifiers–losing a pacifier in the night is NO JOKE.

Diaper Bag – I loved my first roomy diaper bag, but with three kids I’ve switched to a hands-free option like this backpack style! (My sister also has this diaper bag!)

Stroller + Carseat – We still love our Sport Phil & Ted stroller paired with the Graco Click Connect Car Seat for walks and use in the car.

Crib + Mattress – This has been a great crib (no longer being made, but this issimilar) and mattress for us. Still in great shape 5+ years later, holding up well to the use and abuse of three babies/toddlers.

Sleep Sack – I have tried everything to help babies sleep! (See my post How to Get My Baby to Sleep Through the Night for more info!) This is my favorite cozy sleep sack! 

Babywearing Devices – So soothing for babies and frees up mama’s hands! I mostly babywear in an Ergo. I have a few friends that love their Lillebaby carriers or an easy sling wrap. Check Facebook or ask your Dr. or midwife for local baby wearing groups–sometimes they let you try out different carriers!

Nursing support pillow – I haven’t used it for either of the boys, but the my breast friend pillow made all the difference in nursing Layla!

Baby feeding supplies – Even if you plan to breastfeed have bottles and formula on hand, just for your peace of mind. Plans don’t always go as planned. 🙂

newborn must haves

Essentials For Mom…

Soft Robe – This robe is everything. It is soo soft and basically feels like wearing a sweater. It’s warm, but not overly bulky and I just love it. It was awesome to have in the hospital and is great for late-night nursing sessions. Even if you haven’t had a baby recently, just buy this robe.

Sweatpants – Others may share cute coming home outfits a la Princess Kate, but that’s not me. I care about you and I’m here to tell you if you are expecting a baby or just had a baby… buy some sweatpants and a cozy robe. (Actually this is good advice for everyone). As a mom to a newborn what you really need is comfort and an elastic waistband right now.

Breastfeeding Salve – I liked this kind, but nothing worked like the classic lansinoh cream when I had cracked and bleeding nipples from a bad latch (more on that drama).

Nursing Bra – Finding a good nursing bra is HARD. I like this comfy bra for early days/around the house; this nursing tank for nighttime, and this wire-free bra for support/going out.

DVDs, Amazon prime, or Netflix subscription – Before each baby I pick out a show to watch while breastfeeding, rocking, and generally being up at all hours with the baby. I found that if I wasn’t watching something I would just stare at the clock as the minutes turned to hours and get totally stressed out! Which I feel like my little one could sense and then they would be stressed and stay awake even longer. Bad cycle. So with each baby I picked out a show to be something I only watched during those hard times. Layla was Nashville/Friends, Barrett was Gilmore Girls and Griffin is Parks and Rec. I choose something lighthearted (this is not a time to watch Law & Order SVU), and it also has to be interesting enough to keep me awake! Forget about the dishes or vacuuming your floors, this is a time when it is totally acceptable to let it all go, binge-watch and baby snuggle.

Bonus: I used this postpartum support band  the first few weeks after Griffin was born. I hated wearing it with Barrett (maybe did twice), but this time around I really liked having the abdominal and back support. So I wouldn’t call it an essential but for $16 maybe worth seeing if you like it.

my newborn essentials for mom and baby

One other thing I consider an essential is getting some meals in the freezer before baby comes. It seriously makes life so much easier when you don’t have to think about cooking or what’s for dinner! Check out my post Freezer Food for New Moms for more of my process and some recipes. I also use this freezer cookbook and it’s a great resource!  Along with freezer meals setting up a meal train or other way for people to bring by meals is huge! Most people want to help out a family with a new baby they just don’t always know what you need.

The newborn stage isn’t effortless, but these newborn essentials make it easier. So keep calm and snuggle on, mamas of littles!

Weigh in mamas! What would you add to this list of newborn essentials? 

photos of babies and new mommies with words 25 of the best newborn must haves

my newborn essentials - great list of things to have on hand after baby is born! #newmom #newborntext overlay 25 of the best baby essentials for new moms


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