November Blogging Income Report

Good morning! Today let’s talk money! It’s time for the November Blogging Income Report. If you are not into blogging, it’s totally okay for you to skip this post…I promise there will be more recipes, fitness tips, and all the other things next time. But if you are curious about the behind the scenes of blogging–keep reading!

November 2015 Income Report


I had 25,750 pageviews in November and 21,0000 monthly visitors. So my traffic picked up again after a slow October! Woot! I don’t think I will break 30,000 pageviews before the end of the year which was my midyear goal, but considering my original goal at the start of the year was to reach 15,000 pageviews, I feel great! I’ve also read that for the health/fitness industry the end of the year is definitely a slump for most, followed by a high-powered kick-off to the new year. That was true for me last year too! My pageviews jumped almost 50% from December to January. 

My social media followers grew by 82. Once again I added the most new followers on Pinterest and Instagram, honestly, those are my social media focus right now, so mission accomplished!

show me the money


Sponsored Posts: $700

Social Media only campaigns: $0

Ads: $50.40

Affiliates: $2.21

Total Revenue: $752.61

Once again, I need to work on diversifying my income and growing my passive income streams. Must. Finish. E-book. Soon. Ha! My RPM (fancy blog-speak for how much money I generate per 1000 visitors) for the month is $29.41. <<< That is a great number and it’s an amazing feeling to know that even though I don’t have the highest traffic I am leveraging it in a strong way to create income for my family.


This section contains affiliate links to blogging tools and resources I regularly use to benefit my blog.

CoSchedule (blog calendar & social media scheduling): $5

Tailwind (Pinterest scheduling tool–so great!): $10

Mailchimp (email service): $10

Blog hosting & site fees: $10

Food Blogger Pro Membership: $29

For more info on blogging tools I love check out these posts:  3 Spectacular Tools for Blog Growth and A Blogger’s Thoughts on CoSchedule. I joined Food Blogger Pro which is a membership and learning site from the creators of Pinch of Yum. I love their video tutorials and helpful member’s only forum! I’m not sure how long I’ll keep my membership up, but I’m hoping it pays off for a couple of projects I am working on right now!

Total Expenses: $64

Income less Expenses: $688.61


My top two posts written in November were Light Peanut Butter Hot Chocolate and Salted Caramel Frozen Cupcakes! Both are completely delicious so I hope you make them soon!

Peanut Butter & Dark Chocolate Hot Cocoa

Blogging is an amazing and fun job and I enjoy it! It was nice last week to step away during the holidays and not have so much hands on work going on since all my posts and social media were already prepped and ready to go! The holidays are an easier time to step away because everyone is enjoying their family and celebrating so I may as well too! Stepping away is a creativity booster and normally I come back recharged and refocused from taking a break.

[tweetthis]A small blogging making money! See how @katemoving grew her blog and income in November! #bloglife[/tweetthis]

Do you feel overwhelmed after coming back from a break or recharged? 

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    1. Mostly from networks: Clever Girls Collective, TapInfluence, and Social Fabric primarily. I do occasionally email a brand directly but not as often. I think in general this quarter isn’t “good” for the health and fitness arena, I’m sure in January things will pick back up again. 😀

  1. I’m super impressed with your sponsored post income and think you are doing a great job leveraging your page view snad your income! I just completed my 3rd post for Social Fabric and just applied to Clever Girls. It’s nice to be able to earn income via sponsored posts, even with smaller blogs. Oh, and I think breaks are completely necessary, too! I’m already planning ahead for a longer Christmas blogging break so I can gear up for a great start to the 2016 year of blogging!

    1. Thanks! I generally enjoy working with Social Fabric and I feel like they have a wide range of psot types available! Clever Girls I’ve had fewer opportunities but they have been more lucrative. Breaks are good!

    1. Consistency. 🙂 I am trying to consistently post to FB 3-4 times a day, Instagram 1-2, and Pinterest 20ish. I’m constantly trying to learn new ways to tweak my content and delivery to reach more people too! Periscope is super “hot” right now, but I’m not sure about my ability to add another platform to my plate right now.

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