On Open Doors

“The Lord God said to us, “You have stayed long enough on this mountain.” Deuteronomy 1:6logansport, indiana sign

For awhile Nate and I have felt the stirring of change in our family. We could sense our “next” was coming, it just wasn’t clear what it was yet.  I can see it clear back in prayer journal entries from this time last year–God was preparing us (and especially me who needs lots of advance notice for change) for what was coming next. Even though we have loved ministering at Gull Lake Ministries for the past 5 1/2 years we had a couple very firm confirmations that it was time to move on.

In January, Nate asked me what I thought of this church in Indiana. I looked over the website and job description and told him I thought it sounded good.

“I should send a resume good?” he asked.

“Sure” I replied.

Within 24 hours he had been contacted by the lead pastor to set up an interview. After that first chat he was really excited! I was not. We actually had a fight over it. I think my exact words were “God would have to do a WORK for me to want to move to a small town in Indiana to work at a church.”

(Are you laughing yet? Word to the wise: Challenging God to do a work IN your life so He can do a work WITH your life is kind of what He is all about. So that’s basically like challenging 1996 Michael Jordan to dunk a basketball–the answer will always be “Yes, please!”)

The next day I was reading in 100 Days to Brave as part of my devotions and the title of the day: “What’s an open door?” The final challenge on that page was this:”Ask the Lord to lead you to the open doors, then be brave enough to walk through them.”annie f downs quote

So Nate continued talking, we continued praying and we continued walking through open doors…that have opened and opened and opened.

And so next week our door will close on our time here in Southwest Michigan and open to a new season in Logansport, Indiana. My husband will be serving as the worship arts director at Revolution Community Church. We’ve already been so blessed by the people we have gotten to know in our new church home and are excited to keep connecting, learning, and serving with them! This position is a ridiculously good fit for Nate’s gifting, abilities, passion and experience.family at easter

Of course, we have all the feelings about leaving our home and community. Michigan has been a sweet, sweet time for us-we love so many people, so dearly. (And that’s all I’m going to say because I don’t feel like crying!)

We will have a few weeks of transition at my parents as we wait for our new home (ahhh!!!) to be available. Please bear with me as far as posting, answering comments, etc. throughout this phase. The last month has been a lot (physically, emotionally, spiritually) as we prepare for this new season, and I’d appreciate your continued prayers for wisdom and peace. We are thrilled for what God has in store!

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  1. What a cool story. I love how God has worked through every part of this process and I know He will continue to do so. I’m so excited for your family, Revolution Church, and the Logansport community.

  2. So exciting! We have been seriously discussing moving and probably out of Michigan as well, this post is just what I need to read today.

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