Phil & Teds Sport Stroller Review

This post is sponsored by Phil & Teds. I received the product in exchange for this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

We are two weeks away from our little mancub arriving, but truly he could come any day! Walking has been a big part of my prenatal fitness, especially this last trimester, and I plan on continuing to walk often after I have my baby and transition into postpartum fitness.

Phil & Ted Sport

Here are a few reasons why I find walking to be the perfect activity both pre and postnatal:

  • It’s easy on the joints and baby (no bouncing or jumping).
  • It’s generally safe for healthy pregnancies and to do as soon as you feel up to it postpartum.
  • Getting outside and moving improves my mood.
  • I can walk with my daughter (no babysitter necessary!)
  • I can vary my pace depending on how my body is feeling. Brisk walking is great and slow waddling is still better than nothing!  A mile is still a mile no matter how fast you go.

The First Weeks:

After our little man is here I will definitely take things slow. Your body definitely needs pure rest (when you can!) and baby snuggles for a while. Last time around for the first 6 weeks all I was authorized for was walking and “anything that could be done while seated”. I’m so thrilled that the weather should be warmer making walking much more doable with a little baby and toddler. I won’t be setting any records during this time, but slow, long walks that get us out of the house will be the perfect transition back into fitness.

After Clearance From my Doctor:

I’m excited to begin a walk-run program after I’m cleared by my doctor. I remember how long a just 1-2 minutes of slow running felt after having my daughter, Layla so this will definitely be a “listen to my body” situation, but I’m very excited to get back to running! I’m also looking forward to starting the 21 Day Fix to work on regaining my strength and losing the baby weight in a safe balance of activity and high quality foods!

Since I am doing so much walking both before and after our baby arrives the team at Phil & Teds were kind enough to send me one of their Sport Strollers to review both as a single stroller and as a dual inline stroller after our little man arrives (look for a full review of the dual stroller coming in May).

The Phil & Teds Sport Stroller is a great option for active parents like me who use their strollers in a variety of terrains. We go often from roads, to sport fields, to sidewalks, to gymnasiums and I love that the Sport can handle it all!


A few features of the Sport that I love:

  • A smooth ride–this stroller rides great over all the surfaces I’ve tested it on!
  • Easy, handle break that locks in place or can auto-stop on a dime.
  • Front wheel can lock in place (for light jogging or brisk walking) or swivel.
  • It folds up compactly and is not too heavy. I can put it in and out of my minivan myself (at 8 months pregnant) and it only takes up half of our trunk space.
  • A wide, comfy seat for our little one!
  • A good amount of space below for carrying a diaper bag, packages or any extras.
  • An adjustable handlebar for different heights (great for us since my husband is 6’3″!)

Phil & Teds Sport Stroller Review - A great all terrain stroller that can adapt to suit two kids!

Overall, I really like the Phil & Teds Sport stroller for its functionality and smoothness. It’s a really well thought out stroller!  A couple features I missed over other strollers I’ve used were having an easy-open baby bar, a child tray for snacks and cup holders at the handlebar for parents. I am looking forward to testing out some of the dual features after our baby arrives–being able to carry both our toddler and infant in essentially the same space as a single stroller is a game changer! (Please note, that the Sport is not a true jogging stroller, but most find it works well for light jogging and brisk walks.)


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It’s smart to make a plan for your postnatal fitness and that should include a versatile stroller as you build your postpartum fitness and get around with a little one.

Did you make a plan for postpartum fitness?  

Where is your favorite place to walk? 

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