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It’s hard to believe that tomorrow Barrett will be one month old! This month has gone so quickly and we are so grateful to have him as part of our family! Some days I feel like I am totally winning at mom life and other days the struggle is SO real. God is giving me strength for each type of day and I truly see those awesome sleep-play-both kids happy-house decent- days as GIFTS.Barrett almost 1 month

As awesome as my sweet children are, if I’m honest, I am in that very weird postnatal body place. Like I can’t keep my maternity jeans up, but squeezing into my non-maternity jeans is not that attractive either. So I can spill out and over like an over baked muffin or sag down like a cool kid from 1998. Choices, choices. 😉 Oh and if you’re curious, I gained 55 pounds with Barrett. (I know, I know!) I lost 30 in two weeks, I was SO swollen so a ton was water weight and then there was also that almost 10 pound baby! I’ve lost about another 5-6 thanks to breastfeeding and life, I’m not doing anything to try to lose weight at this point.

I know that it will definitely take time to get back to where I was before having Barrett and I’d like to actually get back to my pre-Layla weight too, so it’s a long timeline and that’s okay. I’m just excited to have my post-natal 6 week appointment next week and potentially get back to working out! It’s just good for my brain chemistry!  I definitely have more of a plan this time around for postpartum fitness.


Which, by the way, it’s fine to not have a plan and just go with the flow after having a baby. And it’s okay if your plan doesn’t work out. No judgement or mommy-guilt here; being a mom is hard enough without trying to whip back in shape in 5 weeks like fill-in-the-blank celebrity.

But I’m a planner and I like having a plan. 😀 Or at least a starting place.

So in an effort to get back into shape post-baby I’m getting a group of women together to do the 21 Day Fix starting May 31! My sister and I are are co-leading a little group for encouragement and support while we tackle this fitness adventure!

Kalamazoo 5K runners

 If you’ve never heard of it the 21 Day Fix is a 30 minute daily dvd workout program that you can do from home, plus a nutrition program to help learn portion sizes and fueling with healthy foods! Nothing weird or expensive, just GOOD, REAL food that you use pre-portioned containers to keep you fueled while losing weight. And it is totally breastfeeding friendly too!  

Order the 21 Day Fix Dvd and Containers here!

Order the 21 Day Fix Challenge Pack here! (Comes with 30 day supply of Shakeology, plus shaker bottle & tote and everything above!)

I’ve been drinking Shakeology since a week or so after Barrett was born and I never really thought I would be a “shake girl” but it is super-good and uber nutritious meal replacement shake which I love for on-the-go life! It’s hard to sit down to a good breakfast or snack!  The shakes are normally $120 a 30 day supply, so you are getting a discount by combining it with the dvds in a challenge pack!  

I’d love for you to join me! This program is great for women looking to lose weight, tone up and eat healthier without spending hours in the gym or kitchen—we’ve all got things to do, #amiright? For more info on the program or group, leave a comment and I’ll be happy to chat with you and see if this is a good fit for your life and goals!  I’m most excited about doing this with my “real life” and virtual friends! There is nothing like the support of other women who are on this journey together! 

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Want to do the 21 Day Fix with us? Have you ever done a Beachbody program before (P90X, Insanity, Turbojam, Piyo, Cize, etc)? I loved Piyo and can’t wait to do it again too!

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