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Powerful Free Habit Tracker to Meet Your Goals

Use this powerful Free Habit Tracker to get started tracking your habits (instead of the scale), improving your mindset and reaching your goals!

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Do you remember the start of 2020? We boldly proclaimed it our “best year ever!”, setting ambitious goals and color coding our calendars.

I certainly had a full plate of goals. Goals I loved! Goals I was passionate about! Goals I had thoughtfully considered using intentional questions and my tried and true goal planner.

It seems like a lifetime ago.

Between my personal struggle with seasonal affective disorder that peaked this winter, then leading into the global pandemic, racial tensions, and coming to terms with the “new normal” that is anything but normal–I LITERALLY forgot what my 2020 goals were. 😂

Ya feel me?

At the end of June I gave them a little review and even though some I had made progress on, the one I had most recently made the post progress on was simply because I had decided to channel the power of habits over the mediocrity of my own motivation and discipline.

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Why are habits so powerful?

There is so much power in tracking your habits to help you meet your goals! Habits are powerful because eventually they become automated and you stop thinking about them.

Remember when you were 7 and your mom and to tell you all the time to brush. your. teeth. It seemed like you would never remember or do it without being prompted or incentivized, BUT lo and behold, probably now you don’t even think about brushing your teeth.

You just do it.

Research has found that new habits grow stronger when we attach them to old habits, too. So maybe when you brush your teeth in the morning you do 10 squats and then in the evening when you brush your teeth you do 10 squats. 

Over time you automate this little bit of fitness into your life and then you can choose another new habit you want to add to help you meet your goals.

Track your habits, aka what you can control.

You can control your habits. You can track your habits. You can improve your consistency to your habits.

So track what you can control.

Guess what you can’t control? The gravitational pull of your body on space in the universe. Aka your weight.

Guess what else you can’t control? Someone else’s behavior and choices.

When you track habits you put the locus of control squarely ON YOUR SELF, right where it should be.

So what does this have to do with accomplishing the goals you set for yourself?

pink water bottle and pink athletic shoes

Increase small, daily habits that will help you achieve your goals

One goal I was doing miserably at was my goal to lose 60 pounds in 2020. It had gone basically nowhere. And by basically nowhere I mean 5 pounds in the opposite direction. #2020whatabitch

Every time I got on the scale it would send me spiraling in one of two directions….

  1. Premature celebration! “Hooray I lost 0.7 pounds! Time to #treatyoself! I deserve a treat for how well I am doing!”
  2. Constant shaming. “I’m such a loser. Why can’t I get it together, why do I need to stuff my face all the freaking time. I’m never going to lose weight. Why is it so hard for me and so easy for other people. I may as well give up.”

So I eliminated the scale from my healthy living journey for the time being.

Instead, at the suggestion of my sister and trainer, @Kayla Daniels, I started tracking other things, things I could control. I tracked things how many workouts I did, how many days I completed my food journal, how many miles I walked in a week, how much water I drank.

I plan to weigh myself again, but right now I just want to track my habits and consistency over time. I want to be accountable, not to a scale, but to myself for how I’m showing up in the day to day.

katie, me woman in workout tank with a smile on her face 2020

Where to track your habits – Free Habit Tracker HERE!

You can use this FREE HABIT TRACKER to keep track of any habits you want to increase! I suggest fun coloring markers to help keep things vibrant!

habit tracker on shag carpet with goals notepad, pen and cell phone

You can also use the Notes app in your phone. That’s where I do a lot of my habit tracking and I love that I ALWAYS have it with me!

I also schedule my habits in my planner! I sit down every Sunday night or Monday morning and plan out my workouts, walks and other habits helping me reach my goals. I am currently really loving this cute and goal-oriented bloom daily planner I snagged on Amazon!

How to stay consistent in habit tracking

Help yourself stay consistent in your habit tracking and goals with a coach or accountability partner. My sister is a great accountability partner and helps me by checking in with me to see how I’m doing at staying consistent in my healthy habits.

We don’t talk about how much we weigh, we check in about how we feel, how much stronger we are getting, how our perspective are changing, and how we are persevering in our goals despite all the challenges! (aka mothering babies, toddlers and preschoolers, puppy training, stay at home orders, sassy attitudes and potty training)

You can also help yourself stay consistent in your healthy habits by adding rewards to keep things fun and interesting!

Remember reward yourself for things you can control (completing 20 workouts in a month) versus things you can’t control (weighing less than 200 pounds).

And choose rewards that are truly motivating! For me, that’s massages and Kendra Scott jewelry! For you it may be a new head-to-toe running outfit or a fun night out with friends.

Tracking your habits is a for sure way to keep you moving towards your goals for 2020! Don’t give up, don’t back down, but hold yourself accountable for how you show up for yourself and your dreams this year!

Grab your FREE HABIT TRACKER to help keep you accountable!

You may remember 2020 as a catalyst year where you were finally able to make real changes and accelerate to your goals!

Keep chasing vibrance and let me know one habit you want to start tracking in the comments!

I’m cheering for you!

Be sure to pin this article for later or share it with a friend! Habit tracking is always better with an accountability partner!

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