Pregnancy Update Week 34

Well folks here we are officially getting down to the wire before Little Miss arrives. Things are getting pretty real.

What’s going on with baby?

She’s still moving and kicking a lot. She really likes it when her daddy talks to her and music. Thankfully she seems to be positioned a bit lower giving me some heartburn relief and my ribs a respite. She is now almost 5 pounds and the size of a cantaloupe. I saw a preemie sized onesie at Babies R Us and thought—oh my gosh she could wear that now! I remember when I was so excited that she was finally the size of a raspberry!

34 weeks pregnant

What’s going on with mama?

I’m feeling…pregnant, but in a good way. I haven’t LOVED being pregnant the way some women love it, but now that we are finally near the end I will miss having her close and feeling her move inside me. Right now she is “mine” in a special way that she’s no one else’s and that she’ll never be again. Plus being pregnant basically gives the world a reason to be nice to me.

My fingers have swollen a bit; enough that I have taken off my rings, but my feet still seem pretty normal sized for which I’m thankful. I’m feeling a bit of hormonal mood swings—a bit of the crazy and I almost cried during a tv show, which may be standard for some women, but it definitely not normal for me. I’ve also felt the return of some fatigue, but feel like I’m finding a good balance between getting stuff done and not pushing myself too hard.

Any Workouts this Week?

I’ve worked out 4 days this week and did 3 last week which I feel good about. It seems like I’ve finally gotten back into somewhat of a routine after the holidays. Smile  Monday I did a prenatal strength routine, Tuesday I walked, Wednesday I did Sarah Haley’s Synergy prenatal workout dvd (a combo of strength and cardio) and Thursday I walked as well. I’m planning to do some light yoga today. My healthier eating has been more on track too—having all the holiday goodies out definitely helped! Plus Nate has made some healthy changes like swapping soda for water which is helping me to stay accountable for my choices too.

bumgenius cloth diapers

Anything Else?

Well this week and next week is the cross things off of the baby to-do list. We’ve picked out a crib, we’re arranging baby girls room, we have one newborn care class to go to on Monday. Other things we need to do in  the next week or so (preferably before we hit 36 weeks) include: adding a life insurance policy, interviewing/choosing a pediatrician, looking into drawing up some sort of will,  sorting and washing baby clothes and diapers, getting baby’s area fully arranged, cleaning out the car, installing the car seat and scheduling a prenatal massage. Some of those things will be more pleasant than others. Winking smile

It is a bit surreal that we are really in the home stretch. We are so excited to meet our little lady!

Any last minute tips for us?

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  1. Hooray for Bum Genius! 🙂
    Can’t think of any tips at this point…
    You’ll be fine. You’re smart, prepared, and have a great support system.
    Can’t wait to meet her!!

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