Quick Chicago Getaway

Nate and I just got back from a quick Chicago getaway! We basically decided on Saturday we needed this and made it happen!

Our first stop in the city was for pizza, of course. We went to The Art of Pizza—not one of the traditional “top” pizza places, but they had it by the slice and we were hungry! Mine was sausage, olive, mushroom, green pepper, and onion. It was yummy! (Also I was consuming lactaid like a beast this WHOLE trip!)

Chicago style pizza

Then we went to our hotel to check in and park our car. We got our deal at Hotel Felix through Priceline. We didn’t bid, but did one of their last minute deals and got a 4 star hotel for $76.00. Not too shabby. Hotel Felix Chicago

When you walked in it smelled like lemon verbena. And the whole place had a modern feel and was pretty darn classy.

Hotel Felix lobbyIt didn’t include parking, but what’s new there with Chicago? So we paid to park our car with the valet and could use it as needed, but we mostly walked everywhere. After we settled in we left for the Lincoln Park Zoo.


Chicago skyline

The Lincoln Park Zoo is a free zoo which is awesome!  It was a pretty crowded (it was Labor Day), but nothing crazy.  Some of the animals weren’t out (no lions Sad smile), but there was a good mix of animals. Our favorites were the sea otters and the bears!


We spent three hours walking around the exhibits; we skipped the “farm” and the children’s part of the zoo because there wasn’t much interesting to us there. Also, by this time I had developed a couple of blisters from stupid shoes. It was a long walk back to the  hotel where we chilled for awhile and I rested my little tootsies.


Then we got dressed up and headed out for the night. We ate at an amazing dinner at Kerryman Irish Bar and Restaurant. I had a fancy grilled cheese and Nate had an Irish burger. Both were absolutely amazing!


We ate on the patio and it was a perfect date spot. Sadly the photo we had the waiter take of us turned out blurry. Then we walked down to Navy Pier because we were told there were fireworks. There weren’t but it was quiet since it was later. We went all the way to the end!


Then we went back. lol! Needless to say we walked a lot. Tuesday we slept in and went to the Grand Lux Café for lunch. I loved my chicken and mushroom soup, but Nate wasn’t too crazy about his sandwich. The best part was either the view or the beignets we had for dessert.


After lunch we spent the afternoon visiting shops on Michigan Ave. I hadn’t done that for awhile so it was fun! I also LOVE looking at all the architecture in Chicago. It’s one of my favorite things—just looking up and around—its beautiful!

Chicago Water Tower

All in all we had a great getaway weekend in Chicago! We’re lucky to live so close and we’ve decided we need to make this getaway an annual occurrence. Hopefully we’ll be back sooner—I love Chicago at Christmas too.

What did you do on Labor Day? What’s your favorite thing to do in the city?

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