Richland Farmer’s Market

I’ve been meaning to go to the Farmer’s Market ALL summer. And all last summer. And then a brilliant motivational idea came to me–make the farmer’s market a “blog project” so you’ll go! So I’ve decided to feature some local Farmer’s Markets in my area as an ongoing feature till the end of the season! Sort of a Farmer’s Market Tour, if you will. So on to the first farmer’s market!

Richland Farmer's Market

Richland Farmer’s Market

Nate, Layla and I finally went to the Richland Farmer’s Market last night. It is from 3:00-6:00 on Wednesdays at the Gull Lake Middle School. It is easy to find (just off M-89) and well marked. There was parking close by. Most vendors only accepted cash, but a few took checks or credit cards.  For being a small town, I was pretty impressed with the Farmer’s Market. There was live music, lots of produce. natural beef and lamb, fresh butter, artisans, flowers, and other things like nuts, cookies, and dip mixes.

Richland Farmer's Market Review

I thought the prices were pretty “normal”

Zucchinis and summer squash were 50 cents

Corn was $6 for a dozen

Blueberries were $3 a quart

Green beans were $2 a pound

Sweet corn for sale

I brought $5 and thought it would be fun to see what our $5 gets us at all the different Farmer’s Markets over the weeks. Yesterday we got four ears of corn and a packet of cherry vanilla cheesecake dip.  (Nate’s a sucker for dips, I’m a sucker for him. He’s also the one that took all the pretty pictures–so much better at photography than me!)

First Farmer's Market

I think Layla’s first trip to the Farmer’s Market was a success! Farmer’s Markets are a great way to eat local, find great produce, and are just fun for me! I think the hardest part is deciding which vendor to buy from because they are all so nice.  We bought our sweet corn from a little girl with freckles. What can I say–I’ve got a soft spot for farm girls with pigtails.

Do you go to your local farmer’s market? What do you like to buy there? 

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  1. I love going to the Columbia City farmers market on Saturday mornings. I found lamb’s wool dryer balls there for $3.00 each. I bought two of them (already had 3, but lost one of those originals). The flowers are my biggest temptation. I always have to remind myself that I have flowers at home that I could make into arrangements. Yesterday I did just that – made a sweet little bouquet of brown eyed Susans, pink phlox, and queen Anne’s lace.

    1. OOh! Next time get me one! There was someone selling wool, but I didn’t think to see if they had dryer balls…that’d be a good thing especially with my diapers! They had some pretty flowers too–the sunflowers were so cheerful!

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