October Saturday Loves

Hey there! So I meant to write this post yesterday for Friday Loves, but uh, I took a nap instead so now it’s Saturday loves, I guess! I kind of let this style of posting slide this summer as “fluffy”, but I kind of like fluffy –fluffy pillows, marshmallow fluff, my midriff..so here goes. 🙂

5 Things I’m Loving this Week:

  1. This fun Gratitude: A Prayer and Praise Coloring Journal new out this month! Layla is super into coloring and it is so relaxing to sit down and color in the beautiful designs and pair them with meditation and prayer. I’m glad we serve such a creative and personal God that He can meet with me while I color! prayer and praise journal
  2. My Fall Capsule Wardrobe that I created on Polyvore. Okay, guys, this is brilliant. So I sat down last weekend and wrote out all the “good, fall clothes” that I have: ones I knew I liked and fit, and narrowed my choices down to 36ish pieces for fall. Then I went to Polyvore and created a collection of the same or similar items. Then from that collection I made outfits which I then saved to my Fall Capsule Wardrobe Pinterest board so I can easily reference cute, fashionable things to wear when my brain isn not functioning clearly (with a baby and toddler-when is it ever?). I also picked up some new clothes that filled in some of the gaps and are super versatile too! Yay! One of the pieces was an aztec sweater similar to this one from Amazon. It’s a new fav for sure! If this process doesn’t quite make sense maybe I’ll do a full blog post on it if that would interest you–let me know in the comments if I should. fall wardrobe
  3. House and decor stuff, I’m completely wrapped up in. I think it was going to the Farmgirl Flea last weekend and some changes we are making in our house, but I am in a very creative, decorative, crafty mood right now. Last night I made a book page wreath and I’ve dabbled in chalk paint. I’m feeling the urge to chalk paint ALL THE THINGS! It’s kind of fun feeling this creative side of me come back into play. book page wreath
  4. Fall food is making super happy these days as well. I’m talking pumpkin everything, butternut squash soup, chili, potato soup, pumpkin cookies, doughnuts, apple and pears. YUM. I want to make it all!  The chilly, rainy weather is also making me want to drink a million coffees, vanilla teas, and spiced apple cider. Cozy drinks and food for the win. fall basic girl
  5. My family, of course, is making me very happy. I am loving these days with both kids–Layla is growing up so much and is so intelligent and silly and says the funniest things all the time. Her imagination is so fun! And Barrett…what to say about that cutie. He is kind of in the golden age of babies–responsive, fun, happy, sleeping well (mostly!), and just so gosh-darn cute. I basically spend my life kissing his cheeks. And I can hardly believe that it has been four years since Nate and I moved to Gull Lake…God truly did a rescue-work in bringing us here at the perfect time and has blessed us incredibly through living and working here. babies

5 Good Reads from the Interwebs:

Show Up and Live with Purpose – Sometimes my past self speaks a good word to my current self. Thank you past self!

Fall Home Tour: Cozy Minimalist Style – Love her home and style of decorating. Maybe I’ll move into her barn.

The Secret to Getting More Done – The second point, accountability is huge for me, probably because I’m a prideful person and hate for others to see my miss my mark.

Basic Freezer Meatballs – A great thing to have in your freezer for a quick meal! Sauce + noodles = dinner. Leftover sauce with meatballs + sub buns + mozzarella cheese = lunch the next day. More meatballs + barbecue sauce = game day food or just plain dinner. Seriously, do yourself a favor and freeze some meatballs.

If I Want My Kids to Be Successful in Life They Need This – I need THIS! Positivity and gratefulness are game changers!

That’s all for me folks! Hope you have a great weekend! May your lattes be pumpkin spice, your scarves be big and your boots be tall.

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