Saturday Weight Loss Summary

So I decided to go back to an old school evaluating and planning post on Saturdays, a Saturday Weight Loss Summary, if you will. It’s mostly just for me to keep track of where I’ve been and where I’m going on this post-baby weight loss journey/wandering through the wilderness. Smile

Saturday Weight Loss Summary

Good Things from Last Week:

  • I tracked everyday and stayed under my points budget even through a visit from family where it could have been easy to say “oh well” and give up.
  • 3 workouts completed (not the highest quality, but they are in the books.)

Not So Good Things from Last Week:

I went up a pound. Sad smile But it’s okay—the scale is only one measurement of success. I keep telling myself this.

Goals for Next Week:

  • Continue honest tracking
  • Drink 8+ glasses of water each day
  • 5 Workouts using the Summer Shred from last year which focuses on HIIT and Strength training

Obstacles to Achieving my Goals:

  • Scheduling “issues” with Layla—Either wake up early and work out or work out during her naps.
  • Eating a lot of meals at camp—Fill up on a salad first; then go back and eat “main dish”. Skip dessert unless it is really, really, to-die-for good.

Exercise Plan for Upcoming Week:

Sunday: Long walk (Active Recovery)

Monday: HIIT Workout from Summer Shred

Tuesday: Strength Workout

Wednesday: HIIT Workout

Thursday: Fartlek Run

Friday: Strength Workout

Saturday: REST

Hopefully you have a great weekend! Layla and I have gone for two great walks and she is already getting lots of love from our summer staff.

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