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Nate has mentioned a few times how I’m always getting cool stuff for the blog, but he never gets anything. Well, lo and behold in partnership with Fitfluential and Saucony I was asked for Nate to review a pair of gorgeous manly Saucony Triumph ISO running shoes! Now I’M jealous! But I’ll stop whining and let Nate give you the scoop on his shoes!

Saucony Triumph ISO


A little about the shoes from Saucony….

“The Triumph ISO offers a luxurious running experience because of two brand new technologies: ISOFIT in the upper for a custom feel, and PWRGRID+ in the platform for our most cushioned ride ever. We hope when you step into the Triumph ISO, it makes you say WHOA.”


“Wow, nice shoes!” “New shoes? Look sweet!” “Nate, I love your shoes!”;  All things that you can know for sure that I have never heard throughout my life, but have in the last month or so since I got my new Saucony Triumph ISO’s.  When Katie asked if I wanted to demo a pair of shoes, my obvious reply was, “Does anyone ever say no to such a question?”  Now, let me tell you about Nate and shoes.  I do not like shoes.  They are expensive (because I’m notoriously cheap when it comes to buying any sort of article of clothing), they don’t last (because I am not a small man, and I don’t treat shoes like a priceless piece of delicate art), they tend to smell of things not so lovely (because socks and other things smell, but definitely not my feet… my feet smell like loveliness, obviously), and they take up a lot of storage space that could otherwise be occupied by better things (like guitars, or electronics, or other things that are not shoes).  But I really like these shoes.  They’re comfortable, they “breathe”, and apparently their bright colors are all the rage (because people comment on them all the time).   I won’t lie, the price tag was right too ;-).  Katie asked me to answer some specific questions as part of the review, so here we go:

Out with saucony triumph

What do you like about the shoes?

They’re comfy and lightweight. They are holding up well, even though I am notoriously hard on shoes. They breathe well too! My feet don’t get as hot in them as they do in other sport shoes.

When (for what activities) did you wear them? 

Well, any activity really.  I work at a camp doing all sorts of stuff. My day can consist of sitting at a desk, running a zip line, playing with a live band, installing audio/video equipment, or moving tables from building to building.  I’m on my feet a lot and can’t stand for my feet to hurt.  These have been great because I can wear them all day long.

Saucony Triumph running shoes review

How do they feel on your feet? 

They feel light, but sturdy.  I did add some inserts to help with my semi-high arch and that has helped a lot.  They weren’t bad without the inserts, just better with them.  I like that my feet don’t get as hot and sore as other athletic type shoes I’ve worn before.

Was there anything you would improve or change about them? 

I really like these.  However, as I said before, I don’t like to spend a lot of money on shoes because they tend to not last long.  To be clear, I have tried nice, expensive shoes in the past to see if they would hold up better, but they really haven’t.  So far, these seem to be doing really well.  They still look like they’re new, and I’ve worn them probably 4+days a week for the last 4 weeks.  I would say that a little more arch support would be appreciated, but I feel like that varies so much person to person that simply putting an insert in them was an easy solution for me.  Some may find them to be lacking while others may find them to be plenty supportive there.

Rockin' the Saucony Triumph

How many compliments did you get while wearing them?

Haha, lots, almost to a point that I feel awkward (partially because I just don’t like getting compliments).  I even had a nice guy at a trendy clothing store ask me about them. Everyone loves the bright colors, yet they don’t look tacky (at least not to me).  Rather they look like a nice pair of running shoes.  Thanks Saucony!

What is your favorite brand and model of fitness shoe?

These shoes were provided by Saucony in partnership with Fitfluential in exchange for a review. All thoughts and opinions belong to the reviewer. 

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