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Katie Miller Scott looking at the camera with a big smile and touching her hair. She's wearing a wine colored sweater and a necklace from Target

Katie M. Scott is a writer and speaker who empowers women to grow their faith and find more joy in the everyday moments of life. Katie is passionate about combining the grace and truth of the gospel with practical takeaways and authentic storytelling.

Katie is a mom of three wild and wonderful kiddos and makes her home in small-town Indiana with her husband. Katie leads her church’s speaking team and writes online at


Katie has such an amazing way of helping you understand the word of god and then apply it to your life! Highly recommend!

-Carissa, West Oneonta Baptist Church

We enjoyed having Katie as a speaker at our moms group! She brought a message of truth and hope that was real and relatable. The moms left inspired and equipped with Katie’s online resources, so that they could continue to dig in to God’s Word at any time.

-Kara, Grace Church

Signature Messages

Your Vibrant Life: Finding Abundance in the Here and Now

Having three kids in 3.5 years left me feeling lost and overwhelmed. I knew Jesus promised me abundant life, but it was hard to see it amidst the toddler temper tantrums, spit-up, and sleepless nights. Through tell-all mom stories and challenging Scripture, I walk women through 3 simple ways to create abundance in their ordinary moments.

Leaving a Legacy of Faith:The Story of Rahab

Rahab is the most unlikely of heroes and her story helps us move beyond our past and present circumstances into the future as kingdom shaking, legacy-building women of God.

God’s Great and Precious Promises

In an entitled and disillusioned culture, God’s promises are often twisted, misused, and discredited. In this powerful talk Katie confronts the lies we believe about God’s promises and unpacks the promise of Jeremiah 29:11 in its original context.

Celebrate Advent: Mary’s Hard and Good First Christmas

We often think of the story of Christmas through rose-colored glasses. But what if we shifted our perspective and took in the hard of the first Christmas, as well as the good? Mary’s story becomes relatable and filled with encouragement for us in our own good and hard Advent seasons.

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