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The Ultimate Capsule Wardrobe Checklist 2019

You’ll love building a confidence-inspiring wardrobe with this  spring capsule wardrobe checklist! And it will help you simplify your clothing choices as you transition into spring! Mix and match to create variety with pieces you love!!

Spring Capsule Wardrobe 2019

UGHH!!!! I heaved off another shirt into the already growing pile of clothes on my bedroom floor. It was bad enough that my post-pregnancy body was two sizes bigger STILL, now my favorite shirt had an oil stain on it!

I felt like crying but children’s ministry on Sunday morning waits for no man, so I slid into my worn jeans and t-shirt, slid my smile into place and headed out the door. It was “whatever” I told myself.

But it wasn’t. I hated feeling less than in my clothes and frustrated by revisiting clothes that were just not quite flattering or comfortable.

Enter capsule wardrobe.

A capsule wardrobe by definition is “a collection of clothes and accessories that includes only items considered essential”.

What I love about a spring capsule wardrobe is that it makes getting dressed so easy and frustration-free! You carefully curate a smaller wardrobe. You love each piece. Each one fits well. All the pieces mix and match together. Endless options. Limited thinking. What could be better!?


Of course, I’m not too much on following rules so I’m making SURE this capsule wardrobe work for my Indiana spring! A few things I took into consideration when planning my wardrobe.2019 spring capsule wardrobe

Capsule Wardrobe Considerations

  • I am planning on wearing this wardrobe from early March-mid-May. The weather in the midwest is hysterically unpredictable during this period so I am totally comfortable swapping snow boots for rain boots or shorts for jeans if needed.
  • I may keep a couple extra dresses “on retainer” for spring date nights! I love wearing dresses!
  • This doesn’t include athletic wear, pajamas, “lounge” clothes, bathing suits or other specialty items.
  • Rules are made to be broken. I LOVE having a “think less” wardrobe that all mixes and matches together BUT I’m not going to swear to only use these pieces so help me God until Memorial Day. I’m the boss of me. Haha!
  • You are the boss of you! If you want to do 30 pieces or 40 or 35 you do you! But the point of the capsule wardrobe is to make getting dressed easier thanks to simplifying both your number of items and color scheme.
  • I’m not a fashion blogger. But I’m trying to be supremely helpful and think of ALL the things I’d want in a similar post! (Links to shop, the spring capsule wardrobe checklist, etc.) Also, I have birthed three kids with my body and our current relationship status is “It’s Complicated”.  Ya’ll be gentle.


Kate in spring outfit

Disclosure: Bear in mind that some of the links in this post are affiliate links and if you go through them to make a purchase I will earn a commission at no extra cost to you. I will always be honest about what I like and use, whether or not you decide to buy something is completely up to you.

How to Create a Spring Capsule Wardrobe

  1. Pick 2 neutral colors — I chose gray and black because I love them and I have a lot of clothes and completer pieces already in these colors! I’d suggest choosing a combo that also go together like gray and black, white and navy, cream and brown.
  2. Pick 3-4 accent colors I chose blush, lilac, yellow, and blue. My inspiration for my color palette is the black floral dress I got last summer. I also have a couple of pieces in army green and denim, but I consider these bonus neutrals. 🙂  If you’re having trouble deciding on a palette you can draw inspiration from a favorite clothing piece like I did or check out my Spring Capsule Pinterest board where I’ve pinned some color inspiration for you!
  3.  Layering is key — I have a couple “on the bubble” tops that have bulky sleeves that aren’t great for layering; it’s fine for May, but not so great for March, so I may swap them out for new pieces when my budget opens back up again.
  4. Shop your closet first — There is no need to go buy all new things! Within the categories below and color scheme you selected go through your closet and find the gems you can’t wait to wear!
  5. Pick things you love — When you shop your closet be sure to choose pieces that are in good condition (no stains or tears) and you truly enjoy wearing! Make sure each piece “sparks joy” for you! You’re going to be wearing them a lot and so you want each one to pull it’s weight!!
  6. Go shopping — After you’ve chosen your items from your closet go through the spring capsule wardrobe checklist below and “make up the difference” shopping your favorite stores. Places I like to shop:
    1. Big Box Stores — Old Navy, Target, American Eagle, Amazon!
    2. Secondhand — Clothes Mentor, ThredUp (shop this link for $10 off!), Clothing swaps, Goodwill etc.
    3. Local Boutiques — We have two super cute ones in our town that I’m going to go look for some cute floral or patterned tops at!  I also really like Milk and Honey Tees and Grace and Lace! (I’ve gotten an extender from them and love it when I want to add some extra length to my top when I wear leggings!)

How to Build a Capsule Wardrobe from Scratch

Tops -16

spring capsule wardrobe tops

8 solid shirts short or long sleeved (3 neutral, 5 colored)

2 graphic tops — Still looking for a short sleeved one at some smaller boutique shops! 

6 patterned tops (3 floral,  2 striped, 1 other)–  

You can totally mix up these too! If you want to swap a couple patterns for neutrals or graphics for florals that’s ok! I think this mix keeps things interesting but it’s YOUR capsule!

Striped Top – Exact (also great for basics like gray and black!) — Yellow Floral Top – Exact — Lavender Long Sleeved -Exact –Lavender Tank – Exact — Bubble sleeved blouse – Similar, Similar, — Graphic Coffee Sweatshirt – Similar, Similar  — Pink striped sweater – similar  — Chambray button down – Similar, Similar  –Floral tee – original from Walmart,  Similar, Similar


Completer pieces -6

Kate with coffee cup

2 neutral cardigans — Light Gray boyfriend cardigan and Dark gray rolled neck cardigan

Colored cardigan — Light pink “soft impala” rolled neck cardigan

Patterned cardigan (or hoodie)  — You can see I haven’t found this yet, but am using a similar textured cardigan for now. 

Denim jacket — LOVE this! Feel like such a cool kid in it! Also, all of my children and I have denim jackets for spring! Will we get a cute pic?? How could we not!!!?

Anorak in a neutral color – similar

I chose mostly cardigans because that’s what I love! You could easily swap in knit blazers or more casual hoodies if that’s more your style!

Bottoms – 5

spring capsule pants and skirts

Dark washed skinny jeans 

Medium wash skinny jeans – Pull-on jeggings or I love these high waisted destroyed ones!

Denim or neutral bottom of your choice — I decided on a pleated black casual skirt for this spot. Also in consideration were a denim skirt, black maxi skirt or extra pair of jeans for this spot.

Colored jeans or pants — I love a green or pink/blush/mauve for spring. Gray is another great neutral too!

Neutral Leggings — Lattice-Hem, My fav for working out or mom life

I am very guilty of wearing the same 3-4 pants over and over and over again! If you like more options on bottom feel free to add in a neutral patterned skirt or some extra dressier pants.

Dresses – 4

spring capsule dresses

1 Neutral colored dress — Similar 

1 Patterned dress — Similar 

2 solid colored dresses — Green dress, Similar pink dress

Plus my “on retainer” dresses and of course, an Easter dress. #rebellife

Shoes – 7

spring capsule wardrobe shoes

Rain boots neutral or colored — Mine are Hunter knock offs from Burlington Coat factory! (Not pictured because I forgot!)

Neutral flats or mules — Just got the black ballet flats from Walmart. They are super comfy and cheap! These are a more expensive, but similar option. The gray ones are old from Gap. I really want these leather bow mules –“I’m dead of the cutenes!!” as my daughter would say.

Casual sneakers — Love these soo comfy — Perforated sneakers

Pattern or pop of color shoes — These leopard print flats were too cheap to pass up at Walmart! These are similar.

Neutral Booties — Exact, got these during the Nordstrom sale 3 years ago and they were still expensive but no regrets! They have held up amazingly well and I get SO many compliments on them! The sale is in July! Save your pennies!


Wedge sandal — Similar

Gosh I love shoes! My shoe collection really hit it’s peak in college and I can honestly say right now 90% of my shoes spark joy aka they are cute and comfy and go with everything! Also you can BE SURE I’ll be subbing in my Birkenstock sandals when it gets warm enough!

Accessories –

I choose to do an unlimited amount of accessories because they don’t take up much room and honestly, it’s what I want to do! Since I don’t have many purses or bags, it’s no big deal at all! But if you feel like you need to limit yourself and you want to put away the others for simplicity’s sake, go for it!!

Scarves! — Adding a thick textured knit scarf to a spring outfit helps with that “winter but we wish it was spring” reality that is most of March in the midwest. I love a bright patterned scarf to add a pop of interest and color to a neutral outfit too!

Statement necklaces and earrings — I have quite a few jewelry pieces in my color palette! I did pin some fun options to my Spring Capsule Wardrobe Pinterest board!

Leather backpack — Last fall I decided to up my mom bag game with this sweet backpack! Such a good decision!

Crossbody leather purse  — I like small purses for nights out! Target and T.J. Maxx are my go-tos for purse shopping!

You can check out more ideas for spring clothes and accessories on my Spring Capsule Wardrobe Pinterest board!  I’ll definitely keep it updated throughout the season!!

How Much I Spent

Because I already had so many pieces in my wardrobe I ended up buying 6 tops, 2 pairs of shoes, and my new denim jacket for just under $100! I’m a bargain shopper for sure! I still may add another 2-3 tops and another pair of leggings or pants to my wardrobe, but I feel good about what I have to work with so far and what I’ve spent on it! A true capsule wardrobe you would shop once and then be done shopping for the rest of the season so it may save you money in the long run because although you may spend $100-$200 seasonally (depending on how much you need and where you shop!) you aren’t buying an endless amount of $25 pieces that don’t all work together!

Mix and Match

Now comes the fun part where you can put it all together! The beauty of being intentional and thoughtful when setting up your spring capsule wardrobe means that this is the easy part! Each top should go with all or almost all of your bottoms and completer pieces! Each dress should go with almost or all of your completer pieces as well!

spring capsule wardrobe outfit
This top (from Yankee Julep boutique) is one of my favorites for spring and you can see how it is a no-brainer outfit with jeans and patterned flats! But for a more casual/sporty/athleisure look I can mix it up with black leggings and casual sneakers like this!

pink casual and sporty look

If it’s cold out I can just pop on my denim jacket or textured cardigan too!

transitional spring outfit ideas

Here is another example with this adorable yellow top from Old Navy and dark wash jeans!! It also simplifies transitioning to warmer weather since you can easily add layers for chillier days and it all still works!

spring outfit idea

This is a great spring outfit, but since we currently have snow on the ground to wear it now I would swap the flats for booties, add a jacket and scarf!

spring transitional outfit idea

I hope you’ve found all this info supremely helpful as you begin to think spring when it comes to your wardrobe!! A spring capsule wardrobe checklist will help you simplify your clothing choices as you transition into spring!  And you can use this printable checklist to build your summer capsule wardrobe with some tweaks as well! The capsule wardrobe gives you a framework that you can continue duplicating for frustration-free closet filled with clothes you love!!

Get Your Spring Capsule Wardrobe Checklist!

Use #vibrantspringwardrobe on Instagram or Facebook to show us your cute spring capsule wardrobe! I love dressing in the lighter colors of the season and had a lot of fun mixing and matching these pieces for a ton of variety. Getting dressed in something that puts a SMILE on my face and a sass in my walk is one way I chase vibrance! How about you?!

Have you ever done a capsule wardrobe?

Where is your favorite place to shop for new clothes? 

Be sure to share this spring capsule wardrobe checklist with a friend! What a great chance to go shop, laugh and connect together!

Woman in denim jacket with coffee cup with text overlay "2019 Capsule Wardrobe Checklist for busy moms"

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  1. I feel like I have been doing a capsule wardrobe but stretching the definition a little! I just bought a boring black cardigan last weekend to fill in with another neutral. My other neutral one was in SoCal!???? My favorite items to wear in the spring and fall are my denim jacket and olive jacket.

    1. Haha! I think stretching is ok. I have a backup stash of clothes too! I’m hoping to get a lot of wear out of my new denim jacket!!

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