Is impossibly easy meal planning possible?

It can be for you with the Spring Impossibly Easy Meal Planning Toolkit you’ll get everything you need to save hours in the kitchen and grocery store THIS WEEK!

You’ll get complete, filled out grocery lists, 4 weeks of healthy, dinner recipes, step-by-step meal prep help, and everything you need to get healthy dinner on the table for your busy family fast!

Have you been there too?

Staring at the fridge at 5:27 pm wondering what the heck you’re going to make for dinner tonight? The kids are hungry and you need a plan–and fast!

This is why I created the Spring Impossibly Easy Meal Planning Toolkit — to give you more hours in your week so you could chase vibrance, instead of eternally wrestling with the question: “What’s for dinner tonight?”.



You need fresh dinner ideas, but you are overhwelmed when you search Pinterest or ask your Facebook friends for help.



Grocery shopping is stressful. So stressful. Making a list takes forever, you impulse shop at blow your budget and your healthy eating goals.



You end up with leftovers you don’t eat and wasted groceries because you forget what you have or forget what you planned to have.

What if you could…

Walk in the kitchen at 5:30 pm and the smell of Hawaiian chicken cooking in the crockpot, makes you smile as you enter.

“What’s for dinner mom?! I’m starving!” yells your precious preschooler.

“Well, we’re having a yummy chicken bowl” you answer, “it’s in the crockpot right now, can’t you smell it? YUM! How about you help mommy by setting the table and I’ll cut up this pineapple for us too.

And you’ve done it! A successful healthy dinner QUICKLY and easily on the table for your family! #momwin


the Spring Edition Impossibly Easy Meal Planning Toolkit

A 32 page, comprehensive meal planning system built for busy mamas JUST LIKE YOU!
This meal planning toolkit saves you time and money AND helps you make healthier food choices for your family!

Here is what you get:

You’re gonna freakin’ love it!

Berry Chicken Salad

Get your copy of the spring meal planning toolkit

Don’t let the stress of dinnertime get to you any longer! This meal planning toolkit is THE impossibly easy answer to what’s for dinner tonight?

What others are saying

Burgers on grill with flames

Hi there! I’m Katie– a busy mom of three kids just trying to live my life with joy + intention. With a grade schooler, preschooler, and toddler underfoot I KNOW how time consuming getting a healthy dinner on the table can be!

My goal with the Spring Edition Impossibly Easy Meal Planning Toolkit is to give you something that makes your life a little bit easier! I can’t hire you a babysitter or make you dinner, but I CAN give you simple tools and easy plan to give you back valuable time to spend with your family instead of stressing over “what’s for dinner tonight?”

Get the Spring Meal Planning Toolkit NOW for just $19

 Let me do the meal planning for you, friend! Plus I’ll support and teach you how to create easy and healthy dinners for YOUR busy family, even in these crazy times!

Horizontal chicken sheet pan dinner


In case you’re curious…

Question 1: Is this a hardcopy book? How do I use it?

No. The Spring Meal Planning Toolkit is a 32 page digital product that is delivered to your email as a PDF. You can print it out, place it in a notebook, get it spiral bound– whatever your heart desires! You can also never print it and simply access it on your favorite digital device.

Question 2: What kind of diet do the recipes follow?

The recipes in this meal plan are tasty and healthy! They are comprised of whole grains, quality proteins, and healthy fats. They do not fall under any certain diet per say, such as keto, whole 30, mediterranean, or vegan. They are comfort food recipes, made healthier!

Question 3:  Is this meal plan expensive? Am I going to have to a bunch of new or weird ingredients?

My average weekly grocery budget for our family of 5 is $100-$125 that includes breakfasts and lunches and my kids eat a lot! (I live in the Midwest and mostly shop at Aldi and Walmart.) You can find all of the ingredients at regular, mid-sized grocery stores. There may be a few new-to-you ingredients, depending on your tastes, but you definitely won’t need to go out and restock your pantry with all new “specialty” items.

Question 4: OK, but will my picky people (kids, husband, etc.) eat it?

I’m going to level with you–I’m not sure. 😆 In my family it seems like everyone is picky about different things, but most of us like most of these recipes! There may be 1-2 recipes that aren’t for you for whatever reason, but it is super easy to sub recipe out for a different one from another week or one of your family favorites.

Question 5: But what if I buy it and don’t like it?

If you decide the Spring Impossibly Easy Meal Planning Toolkit isn’t going to benefit you, you can return it within 24 hours of purchase. Just email us right away if you’re unsatisfied. Unfortunately due to the nature of digital products we cannot honor refunds beyond the 24 hour mark.

Question 5: What if my grocery store doesn’t have a needed ingredient?

These are trying times friends, I understand that completely. I’ve been blessed to be able to find all I need at my grocery store, but I know that’s not the case everywhere that’s why for the next four weeks I will have a private Facebook group where you can ask questions, get help with substitutions and in general ENCOURAGE and support one another!

What are you waiting for?

This impossibly easy meal planning toolkit is gonna bless your socks off! Grab your copy and let’s get cooking! (Literally!)