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125 Stocking Stuffers Ideas for $10 or Less

You need these Stocking Stuffer ideas before you go shopping!!  I’m always looking for cute ideas for stocking stuffers for my family and you can use these stocking stuffer gift ideas for small holiday gifts for friends, teachers, babysitters, and those little gift exchanges that always pop up over the holidays!!

Grab this list of AMAZING stocking stuffer ideas for $10 or less and get ready to shop for everyone on your list!

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125 Stocking Stuffer Ideas for $10 or Less

Let’s chat for a second about my philosophy of filling the Christmas stocking. 

  1. It’s needed. Stocking stuffers are some of my kids favorite gifts! Little things mean a lot and it makes Christmas even more special if you fill a stocking with thoughtful, fun and practical little gifts.  Also, make sure someone in your family has MOM’S stocking covered!  
  2. It doesn’t have to cost a lot. I included small ticket items only on this list. Yes, you can put airpods or a brand new iphone in a stocking because they’re small, but the spirit of Christmas stocking is small and fairly inexpensive. 
  3. Mix + match themes. Try to get a couple practical items along with a couple fun or treat items! Don’t buy your wife all kitchen items or your husband all tools! Get a cute birdie timer and a pair of earrings and a favorite book and a new lip gloss. Then fill in with some candy! I think the mix of both fun and practical items is what makes stockings fun! 

25 Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Women – $10 Price Range

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  • Nail polish — This is my favorite nail polish! It stands up pretty well to wear, has cute colors, and is a decent price. I like this pretty plum color for winter! 
  • Milk frother — This little guy will become her kitchen staple! Perfect for adding frothy cream to coffee or mixing up the perfect hot cocoa for the kids.
  • Under Eye Masks — She wants these. She does. Great for fine lines and under eye circles aka helping you look like you actually sleep. 
  • Lip gloss — Love this plumping lip gloss in pretty shimmery colors. 
  • Longwear Lip crayon — For when you need some extra staying power. This feels great on the lips (not dry) and is long lasting! 
  • Gemstone bracelet — Love these super simple bracelets. 
  • Hoop pearl earrings — Unexpected while still being perfectly on trend. 
  • Female empowerment planner/calendar stickers — These are so great! 
  • Hoop earrings — These come in gold, silver or rose gold. A classic! 
  • Papermate Flair Pens — I love these for journaling, calendaring–all the things! 
  • Sharpie markers — Tried to find a sharpie the other day and for the life of me they’ve all disappeared. Useful for everything. 
  • Jesus Always Daily Devotional — Written like Jesus is speaking exactly to you. These words have brought me so much peace, comfort, and joy–each reading always hits home. 

Red and white stocking with a snowflake on it is filled with stocking stuffers women would love-- a headband, lip crayon, markers, a devotional.

25 Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Men – $10 or Less

I love filling up a stocking with some of these fun ideas! Some prices may vary according to sales and you can always check a local store–they may have a better price for some of these ideas.

For the ultimate ease, most of these ideas can be purchased on Amazon! 

collage image of a row of Christmas stockings. The first one reads "Steven". In bottom photo a dad with a beard opens Christmas presents with his son near the Christmas tree. Text in between images reads 25 stocking ideas for $10 or less for men

  • Silicone ring — Great for when your guy needs to get dirty, play outdoors, workout, etc!  Love how inexpensive this ring is to have around for a backup.
  • Collapsible cup — Give this to the guy who likes to hike and be outdoorsy or just wants to have a cup for the kids stashed in the car at all times. 
  • Waterproof playing cards — You never know when you’ll need to play poker (or euchre if you’re from the Midwest like us!) 
  • 5 Crowns Card game — This is a fun and quick to learn card game.
  • Movie Buff Trivia — This little trivia game is perfect for the movie lover and can be played with as little as 2 players.  
  • Multitool pen — This little gadget is the perfect stocking stuffer! Includes a bubble level, stylus, pen refills, ruler function, and tiny screwdriver!  
  • Thermal work gloves — These grippy gloves are great for guys that work in the cold and still need to use their fine motor skills! 
  • Basic beanie — Comes in a variety of colors without the high price tag! 
  • Dress socks — Fun design is for bonus points! 
  • Favorite coffee beans — This is my favorite coffee company (and local!) and I was delighted to find them on Amazon! A dad with brown hair and a goatee opens his stocking while his two boy children in christmas sweaters look on.
  • Smoked Bacon Salt — Got a bacon-lover? This seasoning salt infused with bacon will add pizzaz to eggs, grilled meats, popcorn. Everything’s better with bacon. 
  • Amish Popcorn ButterSalt — Speaking of popcorn this topping can’t be beat! Add a pack of their microwave popcorn too
  • Worst Case Scenario handbook — For the guy that always wants to be prepared! 
  • Wool socks — The perfect gift for winter. 
  • Lip balm — It’s a must for everyone. 
  • The Best hand cream — Great for guys that work with their hands or get chapped or dry hands quickly! 
  • Carpenter pencils — Get your guy a pack of these for the garage/his workbench. 
  • Write on anything marker — Another garage essential! Plus he’ll stop stealing your sharpies. 
  • Men’s Daily Devotional — Written by football coach Tony Dungy and filled with Scripture and encouragement for men. 
  • Paperback novel — Clearly, pick something your guy is interested in. Mine is into Star Wars. 
  • Lindor Truffles — These are a must for Christmas stocking candy in our house! (They are cheaper at the grocery store! FYI)
  • Favorite nostalgic candy — Like Airheads or Ring pops or Razzles!
  • Favorite beer or pop — Put one in the stocking and the rest in the fridge! 


25 Preschool + Toddler Stocking Stuffers – $10 or Less

One nice thing about stocking stuffers for little ones is you can divide packs of multiple items between similar aged kids! And many of these little things you can pick up at the grocery store (or in your Amazon orders) a little bit at a time. 

Practical Stocking Stuffers for Preschoolers + Toddlers 

black toddler girl with her hair in bund and Christmas jammies excitedly opens her christmas stocking on her parent's bed while gifts spill out of it.

Fun Stocking Stuffers for Preschoolers + Toddlers

  •  Cars set of cars — We’ve gotten multiple versions of this for our kids and they love them! This is a 3 pack so it’s a little more than $10, but you can divide between kids! 
  • Matchbox car — If you’re kids aren’t into the Disney Cars movie, there are still lots of cars to love! 
  • Baby unicorn foal — These are amazingly sturdy toys and trigger kids imaginations! 
  • Polar bear figure — From the same line as the baby unicorn foal–they have every animal and mythical creature you can imagine. Our boys loved the dinosaurs too! (Good for ages 3 and up) 
  • Scented markers — So much fun!
  • Mess Free Coloring — Even better. 
  • New coloring book and crayons — Easy fun and I always feel ours needs replenished about this time of year. 
  • Alphabet Magnets — Super fun for learning letters and sounds. (regularly go on sale!) 
  • Play-Doh — Another great activity for busy hands in the winter months! 
  • Dye-Free Fruit Snacks — These yummy snacks are always a hit. 
  • Chocolate Santa — I love getting these and just letting the kids pound them. It’s Christmas! 


25 Kid Stocking Stuffers (Ages 5-10) – $10 or Less Budget

Kids are so fun to fill stockings for and mostly very easy to find cute and inexpensive options. 

Practical Stocking Stuffers for Kids $10 or Less

Two elementary age girls open christmas stockings in front of the tree in pink and purple jammies. They are looking at each other with joy and excitement

Fun Stocking Stuffers for Kids $10 or Less 

25 Teen + Tween Stocking Stuffer Ideas for $10 or Less

photo of red stocking with white fluffy cuff with candy cane sticking out on gray background. Text reads 25 teen stocking stuffer ideas for $10 or less

I think depending on your teen you could use any of the adult ideas or a mixture of kid and adult ideas to create the perfect stocking for your teenager!

Practical Stocking Stuffers for Teens + Tweens 

  • Fun socks —  You can find so many cute designs!  And these gamer ones crack me up!
  • Makeup Headbands — Practical for the young teen getting into makeup and skincare for the first time. 
  • Pimple Patches — Treat acne spots with this ingenious little treatment. 
  • Gratitude Journal — A great habit to start young! This journal is filled with prompts to help kids see the good around them. 
  • Gel Pen pack — Love the cute colors these come in.
  • Paracord survival bracelet — Ready for anything with this bracelet. 
  • Multitool — This little tool does it all and is handy for independent teens. 
  • Pop-It Stress Ball — Great fidget toy for kids with anxiety, adhd or just extra energy. 
  • Gum or breath mints — My mom always gave us gum in our stocking as teens and I loved being fully stocked for all my friends. 
  • Burts Bees Lip Scrub — Great for giving lips extra hydration. 
  • Shoe Deodorizer — It’s nothing personal, but your teen probably needs these. 

Fun Stocking Stuffers for Teens + Tweens

Hope you’ve enjoyed this fun list of gift ideas– I certainly had fun creating it!! Use this list of $10 or less ideas to get Christmas stocking stuffers for everyone on your list! These sweet and small gifts will mean the world to your people!

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