Summer Bucket List

Are you ready for summer? Begin with a summer bucket list to get you clear on what you want for your summer season! 

Updated Summer 2021

Summer Bucket List

Summer is such an amazing season! This is the first summer in a couple years that I haven’t been pregnant or just had a baby and we are ready to enjoy it to the fullest! To keep it from slipping by us I’ve written out a Summer Bucket List for our family!

Why Make a Summer Bucket List? 

Making a bucket list helps us be more intentional with our summer. When we plan for fun we actually do it! 

A summer bucket list can keep boredom at bay too. 

A summer bucket list can be a family group project that brings everyone together and on equal footing. Your kids may have some wonderful ideas of things you wouldn’t think of doing–I know mine did! 

Your summer bucket list can be full of simple moments like “climb a tree” or “make homemade lemonade“. Or it can be full of bigger moments like Go to a water park or family day at the beach. 

summer bucket list and fun

Our Family Summer Bucket List

  1. Go on a picnic
  2. Camp under the stars
  3. Lake Michigan beach day
  4. Zoo trip
  5. Pick blueberries
  6. See a parade
  7. Run a 5K
  8. Make homemade ice cream
  9. Take family photos
  10. Go to the 4-H Fair
  11. Make a blanket fort
  12. Explore a waterfall


2021 summer bucket list large text over kids jumping into pool

The Reverse Bucket List

We’ve already checked a few things off the list. Or rather, we added them to the list when we did them! 

Because the list is there to serve YOU not the other way around!

If the idea of the list feels like too much you can always do a summer bucket list in reverse–more of a memory list, just add things to it when you do it!

Yesterday the kids and I built a blanket fort (I needed to dry a large comforter so win-win) and on to the list it went.


Last week we spontaneously decided to check out a local park and it had a beautiful waterfall! So beautiful!! And onto the list it went!

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summer kids in fort

The Stress Free Summer Bundle

How would it feel to have the ENTIRE SUMMER filled with meaningful and fun activities ready to go for you and your family?

If you want the best summer ever you need The Stress Free Summer Bundle of 21 summer resources to help you have the best summer yet. 

girl with towel with words stress free summer bundle

The Stress Free Summer Bundle helps you be intentional with creating a summer that lights YOU and YOUR FAMILY up!

Meaningful and fun moments don’t create themselves.

If you want joyful, peaceful, adventurous days this summer…not whiney, hectic, and bored days– you need the Stress Free Summer Bundle!

We have a lot planned this summer we are excited about! Making homemade ice cream (this salted caramel ice cream is DIVINE!) is one I’m really looking forward to and also did you guys notice there is a 5K on my list!?

I’m working up to it! It feels good to be running again.

This summer we have also already welcomed a new niece to our family too! We also have two weddings (one brother and one cousin), wedding shower, family vacation at Gull Lake Ministries on the calendar. It’s going to be a fantastic summer!

If you want to print your own Summer Bucket List you can download it HERE! 

And if you want a more printer-friendly (aka less color, but still colorful) you can download it HERE!



Summer is supposed to be magical and beautiful and memorable.

Putting pen to paper can help you prioritize your time (there are only so many weekends in the season) and be intentional with creating memories all summer long.

Summer Bucket List - Live intentionally this summer! This free printable summer bucket list can help!

Seize your summer, friends!

What is one thing on YOUR summer bucket list?

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