Summer Shred Halfway Point

Hi friends! Hope you’ve had a glorious Wednesday!  The weather here has been perfect!  We are having a Seniors Conference here at camp and it has been so much fun to spend time with our guests—they are so sweet and fun! I thought about getting this post up earlier, but I instead decided to watch a Bocce ball tournament and go sit by my lake. Open-mouthed smile

Perks, people, perks.


On to what this post is about (not bragging about my super-cool life): I have reached the Summer Shred halfway point!  Wow!  This month is flying by!  I wanted to take a moment to stop and evaluate how things are going.

Halfway Point Results

On the scale: Well, the scale has not moved, so that’s that.

By the tape: The tape measure however is showing that I am 2.5 inches smaller than I was 15 days ago! And since the goal of losing inches is my priority I am super-happy about that!

Program Assessment

Workouts: I really, really like the strength workouts!! I feel taxed during and “good sore” after.  A lot of the cardio based workouts are pylometrics centered. I don’t really like plyometrics, but they are effective so I’m sucking them up or working intervals into my cardio sessions. I know that is crucial for “shredding”.  I have worked out 5 days a week for the last 15 days.


Eating Plan: I wish I could say more about this, but I haven’t done a very good job with it! (Possibly the reason why the scale is stuck? Highly likely.)  Bobbi basically suggests eating really clean (no white flour, processed snacks, sugar, etc.) and eating every few hours.  I have been better about planning and bringing snacks so that I’m not crazy hungry when I get to a meal and then make poor choices. She also suggests calorie counting with MyFitnessPal which I have been doing, but I’m sure the quality of my eats have an effect on my weight loss and I haven’t tracked every day either, most days, but not everyday. There has been lots of green smoothie goodness!


Community: I like that there is a facebook page but I haven’t been super-active on it. What I like most about it is searching it to find answers for questions I have that people have already asked or just on a certain topic. It’s a really helpful resource in that way.

Personal Assessment

I’m really pleased with losing 2.5 inches so far. I know the thing that I need to hone is the eating. It has always been more of a struggle for me than exercising. I love exercising!! I need to move!  And I’m a real grouch if I don’t. But avoiding the processed stuff and sugar is tough for me. And I do the shopping so if it’s unhealthy I’m bringing it in! *slaps forehead*  So goal #1 is to stop buying the junk (even if it’s “all natural” tortilla chips or other pseudo-healthy snacks).  Goal #2 is to track, really track without a doubt, everyday, even if it gets ugly.  I know I can eat more healthfully so that my workouts really, really pay off.

How are you doing on your May goals?  Crushin’ it? Suckin’ it up? Somewhere in between? Figure out what you need to do different and start taking steps to get there!

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  1. Over 2 inches — girl, that is freaking awesome! Keep it up…build muscle and hone in on the eating — you’ll be great 🙂

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