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This Impossibly Easy Meal Planning bundle is everything you need to save hours in the kitchen and grocery store THIS MONTH!

You’ll get THREE ADDITIONAL WEEKS of simple meal plans, ready-to-go grocery lists, healthy and tasty dinner recipes, step-by-step meal prep help, and everything you need to get healthy dinner on the table for your busy family fast for a MONTH!

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Have you ever had a day like this?

It’s 5:30 pm You just walked in the door and you have to be out the door again in and on your way to dance class by 7:00pm.

“What’s for dinner mom?! I’m starving!” yells your precious preschooler.

“Ummm….just give mommy a few minutes”

But what IS for dinner? Your mind buzzes…. “Should you look up something on Pinterest? Are there leftovers in the fridge? Should we just stop and get fast food on the way? Ugh! We’ve got to start eating healthier around here!”

You WANT to make healthier choices for your family. You WANT to save money by eating out less. But how?



I’m so excited to offer this 27 page, digital, comprehensive meal planning system built for busy mamas JUST LIKE YOU!

Here is what you get in your Impossibly Easy Meal Planning bundle:

Get excited, sister!

Bottom line?

I do ALL THE MEAL PLANNING, you get to reclaim your precious time, and be a dinnertime superhero with delicious healthy meals your family will LOVE!!

Now, imagine a day like this.

It’s 5:30 pm, you just walked in the door and the smell of homemade tomato soup, makes you smile as you walk in. You have to be out the door again in and on your way to dance class by 7:00pm, but it’s okay. You’ve got this.

“What’s for dinner mom?! I’m starving!” yells your precious preschooler.

“Well, we’re having a yummy tomato soup” you answer, “it’s in the crockpot right now, can’t you smell it? YUM! How about you help mommy by setting the table and I’ll make our salads. Then we’re heading out for dance class right after dinner!”

You’ve done it! A successful healthy dinner QUICKLY and easily on the table for your family! #momwin

Spoonful of vegan tomato soup recipe

Meet Katie!

Let’s get to know one another, mkay?

Hey girl! I’m Katie– a busy mom of three kids just trying to live my life with joy + intention. With a grade schooler, preschooler, and toddler underfoot I KNOW how time consuming getting a healthy dinner on the table can be!

I spent years fine-tuning my meal planning process–finding amazing recipes and compiling them in a way that minimized my time in the kitchen and maximized ease! Over time I built up a collection of tasty, easy, and healthy recipes on my blog, shared articles about meal planning and prep. And now I can’t wait to share all my best tips, recipes and more with you, sweet friend!

What other moms are saying about the
meal planning bundle…

Don’t just take my word for it!


Don’t let the stress of dinnertime get to you any longer! This meal planning toolkit is THE answer to grocery shopping and meal planning stress!

I’ve done all the thinking ahead of time for you–you just have to print and go. Impossibly Easy Meal Planning is possible!

impossibly easy meal planning


You may be wondering…

Is this a hardcopy book?

No. The Meal Planning Toolkit is a 27 page digital product that is delivered to your email as a PDF. You can print it out, place it in a notebook, get it spiral bound– whatever your heart desires! You can also never print it and simply access it on your favorite digital device.

How much time can this save me?

Impossibly Easy Meal Planning will save you at least 2 hours a week, maybe more! Pair it with online grocery ordering and you can easily save yourself 4 or more hours a week, plus TONS of stress!

Is there a refund available if I don’t like it?

Yes! If you decide the Impossibly Easy Meal Planning bundle isn’t going to benefit you, you can return it within 24 hours of purchase. Just email us right away if you’re unsatisfied. Unfortunately due to the nature of digital products we cannot honor refunds beyond the 24 hour mark.

What kind of diet do the recipes follow?

The recipes in this meal plan are tasty and healthy! They are comprised of whole grains, quality proteins, and healthy fats. They do not fall under any certain diet such as keto, whole 30, mediterranean, or vegan.

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Stop leaning on takeout and frozen dinners — let me do the meal planning and walk you through creating easy and healthy dinners for YOUR busy family!

I am so sure you’ll love this product and it will majorly BLESS your family! Meal planning and cooking can be so stressful, but this bundle makes it impossibly easy. I KNOW you are going to love this digital bundle!

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