The 30 Best Podcasts for Christian Moms

Podcasts are a great way for Christian women to gain practical advice in their faith, parenting, and everyday life. A weekly podcast can become a place of community, good news and refreshment for moms who often feel overwhelmed and in need of encouragement.

Here are some of my favorite podcasts that lift up busy moms with the truth of God’s Word and practical tips for motherhood, along with awesome interviews from fellow moms, writers, speakers, and ministry leaders.

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As a stay-at-home mom (and even now as a work-from-home mom) the days at home with your little ones can become long and lonely. You yearn for adult interactions and conversations. And while I’m all about finding and developing in-person community as a mom, there are seasons where it just isn’t as workable and you need easy ways to connect to faith-filled wisdom and conversations.

Enter podcasts.

I love refueling my heart and mind with truth as I drive me kids to preschool, load the dishwasher and fold laundry. My podcast friends are in my ear buds with me sharing messy mom moments, laughter, deep spiritual truth, and gold nugget parenting tips– that are just what I need to hear!

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This list of the best christian podcasts for moms is compiled of shows I have listened to off and on throughout my years of motherhood.

It probably isn’t possible to listen to them all ALL the time, but pick and choose from their combined wisdom. Let their voices serve you for a season and then maybe find a new voice speaking to a new need that has popped up in your life.

Share these podcasts with your in-person friends and chat about the topics together and how you can apply them to your faith and motherhood journey. Most are available on apple podcasts, spotify, stitcher and wherever you listen to your podcasts.

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30 Top Christian Podcasts for Moms

There are literally thousands of Christian podcasts and thousands of podcasts specifically for mothers as well, but here are my personal favorites, the Best Christian Mom Podcasts as I see them in April of 2023.

These podcasts are not ranked and in completely random order.

1. Risen Motherhood with Laura Wifler and Emily Jensen

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Two sister-in-laws engage in honest conversations around motherhood–all centered on gospel hope and the Biblical truths we can apply to our everyday situations from school choice to parenting with special needs to spiritual growth as a busy mom. I’ve been a long-time listener to this show and went through the Risen Motherhood book with my mom’s group as well!

Recent episode example: Truths for Moms Walking Through Grief

2. Don’t Mom Alone with Heather Mcfadyen

Heather hosts an interview focused show that helps mom feel less alone in their journey. She’s a mom of 4 boys and is full of advice and encouragement for moms both in how to raise their kids, care for themselves, and engage culture through a Christian lense.

Recent episode example: Identifying Your God-given Space with Sally Clarkson

3 The Happy Hour Podcast with Jamie Ivey

Jamie’s voice is so kind and encouraging, with just the right amount of Texas twang! She isn’t afraid to ask hard questions and dive into personal topics with grace and truth. Her show is interview based and she even pulls in guests with smaller audiences, which I love!

Recent episode example: Is Easter Unbelievable? With Rebecca Mclaughlin

4. Prayers of Rest Podcast by Asheritah Ciucui

Prayers of rest podcast review | Podcast recommendations for Christian moms with cover image from Prayers of rest podcast (golden leaf)

Asheritah leads her listeners in a weekly prayer and worship session that is calming and uplifting. I love using these podcasts as a way to connect with the Lord when I feel like I’m constantly on-the-go and not able to have the sit-down-open-my-Bible time with God. Asheritah occasionally does some series of interviews around a certain topics, but her leading in prayer and meditation on Scripture and the character of God is the bread and butter of this podcast!

Recent episode example: The Sword of the Spirit

5. At Home with Sally with Sally Clarkson

Sally has been writing about faith and motherhood for a long time! I love her collected wisdom and how we can see the fruit of her mothering in her current relationships with her grown children. Her flowing conversations with guests and listeners make you feel like you’re sitting across a cup of tea, learning from a wise friend.

Recent episode example: Mentoring with Grace

6. Made for This with Jennie Allen

Two new episodes release each week, one with Jennie’s powerful Bible teaching and one interview style with a writer or christian faith or business leader. Jennie is always full of hope and points her listeners back to the heart of God.

Recent episode example: Stuck vs Free with JP Pokluda

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6. The Christian Single Moms Podcast with Michelle Donnelly

This podcast is a great place for single Christian moms to get a Christian perspective on divorce, co-parenting, relationships, mental health and more as they navigate motherhood and family life as a single parent.

Recent episode example: When You Can’t Find a Good Guy to Date…

7. The Mama Bear Apologetics Podcast

Mama Bear Apologetics is a podcast for mothers who want to learn about how to defend the Christian faith, help give their children reasons for faith, and understand the worldviews that challenge Christian faith in the first place. This is very topical-driven podcast that has great practical takeaways and tons of resources provided in the show notes as well!

Recent episode example: Understanding Deconstruction with Alisa Childers

8. The Verity Podcast with Phylicia Masonheimer

The Verity podcast review for Christian moms with large photo of Phylicia Masonheimer

Phylicia is an incredibly smart and well-studied Bible teacher, writer and theologian who can break down BIG topics in ways that make sense for everyone. She covers a variety of topics in her weekly teaching podcast that help equip women to understand the Bible and apply it to their lives.

Recent episode example: How To Not Be a Christian Bully

9. She Reads Truth Podcast

She Reads Truth creates beautiful and accessible Bible studies in apps and print materials. The weekly podcast accompanies the Bible reading plan the community is currently going through and incorporates Bible teaching and encouragement from the two hosts, Amanda Bible Williams and Raechel Myers, along with wonderful guests who join in the discussion and teaching.

Recent episode example: I Will Give You Rest Week 2 with Beth Moore

10. The Lazy Genius Podcast

Kendra Adachi is the big sister you want and need. She has tons of life-giving ideas that help you be “a genius about the things that matter and lazy about the things that don’t”! Her topics are perfect for moms and will help you with practical tips for time management, laundry, summer breaks, what’s for dinner, and more. Kendra is honest about her faith journey, but this podcast is primarily more about maximizing your life at home as a mom!

Recent episode example: A More Helpful Way to Look at Spring Cleaning

12. Go and Tell Gals with Jess Connolly

Christian mom podcast recommendation | Jess Connoly of Go and Tell Gals

Jess is a born encourager and helps women know how to run on mission in their {busy, hectic, ordinary} lives. Jess combines some interviews, some encouraging pep talks from her and some deep dives into Biblical topics. She is easy to listen to and you will walk away built up in your faith!

Recent episode example: Women of the Resurrection

11. The Daily Grace Podcast

The Daily Grace podcast is an extension of the Daily Grace Co which provides Bible studies, Bible study resources, and Bible focused products for women who are hungry for the truth of God’s Word. In their podcast the two hosts tackle topics such as changing unwanted thoughts, commiting to a gospel-centered church and more with guests and in conversations with each other. Always hopeful and practical– it’s a great podcast for moms to grow in their faith!

Recent episode example: Getting Excited about Bible Study Again with Kat Armstrong

15. Pastors’ Wives Tell All

Pastors' Wives Tell all quote review with photo of three smiling friends in the woods looking at each other with love in their eyes.

You don’t have to be a ministry wife to appreciate the candid conversations, Scripture truth, and hilarity of the trio of women that make up the Pastors’ Wives Tell All podcast. They have great interviews from pastors and pastors’ wives, plus spill the tea conversations, and group roundtable discussions around compelling topics. Whether you are a pastors wife or not you will be blessed with this podcast!

Recent episode example: Chris Morris Interview: Suicide, Mental Health and the Church

16. Off the Bench with Heidi St. John

Heidi is a conservative Christian mom who is passionate about helping helping moms navigate hot button topics and current events with grace and truth. Heidi is a veteran homeschool mom and working mom who brings a wealth of knowledge about parenting and apologetics to all her conversations.

You can listen to the podcast I was on with Heidi here!

Recent episode example: Jesus and My Gender, for Children with Dale Partridge

17. The Love Offering Podcast with Rachael Adams

The love offering podcast review image. Brunette woman looks right at camera with a big smile on her face.

Rachael’s Love Offering podcast offers women ways they can become a love offering to those around them in big and little ways. This is the perfect reminder for self-sacrificing mamas to see how their giving and serving makes an eternal difference for their families and to those around them! Rachael hosts great conversations that will lovingly direct your heart to the goodness of living as an offering to the Lord.

Recent episode example: A Little Conversation Goes a Long Way

19. The (in)courage Podcast

(in)courage offers daily devotionals that can come to your inbox or you can listen to them in audio form on this podcast! The perfect way to connect your heart with Jesus even when you have trouble finding time or lack the ability in your season of life to open the Bible and have a longer “sit-down meal” quiet time with the Lord.

Recent episode example: Bonnie Gray: 3 Ways to Break Free From Anxiety When You’re Burned Out

20. The Joy Filled Podcast with Jenna Griffith

Jenna’s podcast hosts honest conversations about homemaking, mindset tips, motherhood and raising your family is both encouraging and practical! Her focus is especially on stay at home mamas and tips to help mom’s celebrate God’s goodness everyday.

Recent episode example: Overcome Mom Fatigue and Step Into a High Energy Life

18. The Mary and Martha Show with Katie Reid and Lee Nienhuis

Show notes photo of martha and mary show with podcast review aimed for Christian women

Katie and Lee are the modern day Mary and Martha–very different perspectives and personalities, but two women who are passionate about following Jesus as moms, wives, Christian leaders, and community members. Both Katie and Lee are full of wisdom from their varied life experiences and practical tips that are full of grace for moms in any stage.

Recent episode example: Let Hope Arise Series: No Doubt About It with Leslie Schonfeld

21. Moms in Prayer International Podcast

The Moms in Prayer International podcast is “A place where we are encouraged and equipped as moms so we can better pray for and impact the next generation” Filled with practical ways to pray the Word of God over your children and have prayer impact every part of your life as a Jesus-follower who wants to pass on her faith to her children.

Recent episode example: The Power of God’s Word for Kids with Joel Evrist

22. That Sounds Fun with Annie F. Downs

Annie isn’t a mom herself, nor is her podcast about mothering, but she has the BEST interviews, doesn’t shy away from hard conversations and has great tools and encouragement while always pointing you back to Jesus. She interviews Christian authors, musicians, celebrities (both Christian and not!), therapists, pastors and faith leaders. I love that she can have in-depth episodes on both Hallmark Christmas movies and the spiritual discipline of fasting.

Recent episode example: Shane & Shane on the Power of Music, the Psalms, and Asking God to Fill the Places Where We Don’t Believe

23. Radical Radiance with Rebecca George

radical radiance podcast quote review with photo of podcast host in light blue top looking off porch and smiling

Rebecca is an empowerer and cheerleader of helping you live out your life with radical radiance–reflecting Jesus in all you do from changing diapers to running a marathon to writing a book. Rebecca is a pastor’s wife, ministry leader, and busy mom who wants women everywhere to live out there God-given purposes with grace and joy. She offers interviews and behind-the-scenes chats about ministry, life, parenting and more!

Recent episode example: Ditching the Myth of Control with Tara Sun

24. Real Talk with Rachael

Rachael is a therapist on a mission to go bridge the gap between emotional and mental health and our faith lives. She leads 15 minute or less episodes about how to incorporate healthy therapy skills into your life as well as encouraging and uplifting interview episodes from ministry leaders, therapists and health professionals. This show will grow your emotional IQ as a parent and spouse.

Recent episode example: Talk Therapy: Hope Restored

25. The Living Room Podcast with Joanna Weaver

Designed to pull you in like you are sitting in the living room together with the Joanna and her guests this show designed to help you draw closer to God and experience deep life change. I love the honest and casual conversations that are inspiring and filled with practical and easy-to-implement help as well!

Recent episode example: Starved for More with Amy Seiffert

26. Grace Enough Podcast with Amber Cullum

If you are feeling stagnant, looking to learn something or aren’t afraid of hard questions and nuanced conversations this is the podcast for you! Amber is a great interviewer as she talks to some of the smartest names in Christianity.

Recent episode example: Leigh Mackenzie: The Value of Trauma Therapy & Journeying with Jesus

27. The Crystal Paine Show

Podcast for Christian mom review quote image with photo of blonde woman in jean jacket touching her hair "Crystal Paine show review"

I’ve been a long-time fan of Crystal and her blog! Follow along for tips about saving money, time management, household management, faith and parenting tips and much more. I love that Crystal’s family is also a part of the conversations regularly and how it honestly feels like you are catching up with a wise friend!

Recent episode example: Disability and Discovering God’s Image in Every Person (with Laura Wifler)

28. The Monica Swanson Podcast

Monica shares encouragement and inspiration for raising amazing kids and building strong families. Funny and down-to-earth this boy mom will keep you laughing and nodding along as she shares truth, honest conversations and practical tips for families.

Recent episode example: Parenting Principles to Bring Out the Best in Your Kids!

29. Raising Boys and Girls Podcast with Sissy Goff, David Thomas, and Melissa Trevathan

Three child therapists gather together for interviews and equipping conversations to help parents navigate raising boys and girls! From helping your child with anxiety, to ADHD, to talking about race, and guns in schools you will learn tools to help you help your kids with therapeutic principles that are faith-based and easy for regular moms and dads to implement at home.

Recent episode example: How to Talk to Your Kids After a School Shooting – a Message of Hope

29. Grace In Real Life with Jill McCormick

Grace in Real Life podcast review. The podcast host is blonde and wears a black dress while smiling at the camera

Jill meets busy mamas right where they are! Her podcasts are full of “grace for the try-hard gal”. She does amazing interviews (look for one with yours truly coming out in May!) and also topical series that are inspiring and cohesive. Jill is wise and kind in all of her words and this is definitely a podcast I tune into weekly!

Recent episode example: Weaving Conversations about Race into Your Real Life with Michelle Ami Reyes.

30. The Open Door Sisterhood with Alexandra Kuykendall & Krista Gilbert

This podcast is “an ongoing conversation that helps women take that next step, do that hard thing, to be world changers for good right where they are.” I love the back and forth conversations on motherhood, faith, and getting unstuck. There is a deep sense of community and authenticity on this show which I love!

Recent episode example: Leading Through Adventure with Jessie Cruickshank

I’d love to hear what some of your favorite christian podcasts are! Leave your picks in the comments!

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