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The Best Baby and Toddler Gifts on Amazon

Use this Amazon baby and toddler gift guide to find the best toys, books, clothes, games and more for your child while never leaving the house! All thanks to Amazon! The 2-day prime shipping is definitely worth it’s weight in gold for busy moms and dads at Christmas time!

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You can use this link to get a 30 Day Free Prime Membership! You can cancel after the holidays–no strings attached! If you are pregnant and shopping ahead for your little one you can also sign up for Amazon’s Baby Registry — we did for each of our kids and were able to use 15% off remaining registry items and have a nice gift list for baby showers!Christmas Gift Giving

This Christmas is especially exciting when you have little ones! Babies and toddlers are adorable and are JUST catching on to the wonder, excitement and joy of the holidays! We are looking forward to sharing more of our family traditions with her this year and she is at a super-fun age for buying presents!

This Baby and Toddler Gift Guide is created for children ages 0-2, but it could easily flex a little older as well.

To be honest, shopping at a big box store or toy store is NOT my cup of tea, especially at Christmas. For starters there are the pushy, desperate-to-get-that-toy-for-two-dollars-less people. I can’t handle those people.

And secondly, I find the toy section INCREDIBLY overwhelming and often chaotic. I also like to read reviews and KNOW that the toy I’m picking up for my daughter is well-loved by others and isn’t going to break in 22 minutes. So that’s why you’ll find me doing more shopping than ever online this year!

The Best Baby and Toddler Gifts on Amazon


This post contains affiliate links to amazon.com. Meaning a small portion benefits this blog at no cost to you! 

Amazon Baby & Toddler Gift Guide


We love reading in our house! We read TONS of books a day (or at least it feels like it!) and it’s always good to refresh the library at Christmas.

First 100 Words — We’ve read this to our  daughter since she was a newborn! Brightly colored pictures of everyday items, animals, and actions. She likes to point and find things in it now.


The Jesus Storybook Bible — This keepsake edition of The Jesus Storybook Bible is on our list this year! We adore these beautiful retellings of Bible stories for little ones! I love to read aloud this Bible to our little ones while they eat breakfast or play with toys.

How Do Dinosaurs Play with Their Friends? — These books are seriously adorable, have amazing illustrations and teach manners. Win!


Moo, Baa, La La La — This is one of my daughter’s favorite books! She quotes it along with me! Great for learning animals and sounds. But really anySandra Boynton book is top of the list in our house!



Non-Power Toys: 

Okay, I am a BIG fan of non-power toys! They are quieter (which makes mama saner) and generally more imaginative. Melissa and Doug and Green Toys are two of my favorite brands.

Dust, Sweep & Mop — This is definitely more for the toddlers, but so much fun! My daughter loves to get out the mop and broom and “help” clean the floors. I’m going to capitalize on that ambition and get her this dust, sweep and mop set. (*UPDATE* Still loved and played with by all our kids almost 5 years later! The stand has been disassembled but all the cleaning tools are still in perfect condition!)


Baby Glockenspiel — Entertainment for little hands and still fun when they get older! Perfect for “playing along” to their favorite songs. Layla loves hers!



Baby dolls — These soft and sweet baby dolls are perfect for little hands to explore nurturing and imaginative play! I love that this brand has many different skin tones and both genders of dolls for little boys and girls! 

Plasma Car — My nieces have a plasma car and cruise around the house in it all winter long, then take it outdoors once it warms up! I love the classic shape and the bright red color!


Green Toys – I found these last year and totally love this brand! We have a tugboat and a race car. Also the airplane and tractor are other favorites in our house! They are sturdy, gender neutral and made from recycled material –winning all around!


Megablocks! — My daughter started playing with these around her first birthday and hasn’t stopped yet!Babies can drool and chew on them. Toddlers can build, count, stack, knock over, identify colors and “play house” with them.  If I had to pick one toy for the toddler years it would be these!



Baby Tech: 

Electronic toys definitely have their place, they can stimulate your child’s development and thank goodness most of them have volume control!  I especially like them for waiting times and car rides.

Fire Kids Edition — I may have been a touch judgemental of parents who gave their kids electronic devices before having kids…now an indestructible form of endless entertainment (books, movies, shows, educational games)  sounds pretty darn amazing! This is actually going to be an early Christmas present for our 2 year old this year! We got ours with the 2 year worry-free guarantee which means if it breaks for ANY reason they will replace it!  If you’re not going for the full-out tablet like above, this little Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Tablet has the same “feel” (you push buttons, it makes noise and lights up) for a much smaller price tag. It has been a perennial favorite at our house.amazon fire tablet


Laugh & Learn Puppy — I think every person I know with kids has one of these in their house! For good reason too…they have fun squeeze buttons, sing songs, teach letters, colors, and numbers, and are brightly colored. Layla loves to dance and sing along to the songs now that she is older.



Touch’n’ Swipe Smartphone — Babies and toddlers love phones!! Layla will make literally anything a phone and it cracks me up. She loves having her own “smart phone” that sings songs and talks to her. She played with this more as a 9-15 month old, but still likes it a lot now (as a 21 month old) too!


Baby & Toddler Clothes

I love buying clothes for my kids!!  Probably too much. 😉 And since I have a boy and girl all the cute clothes are available to me!!

Check out this post on Dressing Your Baby on a Budget  (it includes a printable Kids Clothing Inventory too!) to help you find the best deals on cute clothes!  Which is probably a bad thing for a wallet, but come on, with baby spit up, drool, messy eaters, and accidents you ALWAYS need clothes, am I right?

Aden & Annais Swaddler Blankets — We swaddled both our babies with these for the first few months. They are great for swaddling, a light blanket, a nursing cover, a burp rag and they just get softer each time they are washed!

sleepy Barrett

Casual Christmas Outfits Boy & Girl — Comfy and festive these outfits are “Christmas” without being overly done-up. (ie you will get more wear out of them than just December!). I love Carter’s quality and style!

Warm Booties (for non-walkers) — These look so comfy and warm I kind of want a pair myself! These are on my sons Christmas list for this year. Keeping socks on a baby is impossible so these sound awesome! We also love these soft shoes for early walkers and babies! Easy to keep on, comfy, and supportive!


I hope you enjoyed these adorable, fun, and educational gift ideas for babies and toddlers ALL from Amazon! This Amazon Baby and Toddler Gift Guide has been so much fun for me to create! I love blessing the little people I love with adorable, fun, and educational gifts. Happy Christmas shopping!

Baby and Toddler Gift Guide - Great ideas for children ages 0-2 for Christmas! Favorite imaginative toys, books, large toys, clothes, and more from experienced moms!

Which gift would you pick for a little one from this list? What is your favorite type of gift to receive or buy? 

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  1. I’m with you on the Melissa and Doug puzzles. We’re planning to add a couple more puzzles to Nathan’s collection, too, this Christmas! And yes. Always, always, books! Did you pick up any with the free HOLIDAY30 code on Amazon? It’s 30% off any book – and good through tomorrow!

  2. Great list! I have many of those books on my daughter’s Christmas list this year and we got those mega bloks too!!

    1. Layla LOVES her megabloks! It’s fun to see her start to build more than just towers. 😛 And yes, we read a lot so I get tired of the same books over and over. The How do Dinosaurs ones I absolutely love!

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