6 Books That Have Wrecked Me This Year

Hey friends!

For some reason this year I’ve decided to read books that instead of happy-go-lucky, easy stories or pump you up non-fiction (my usual go-tos) are wrecking me in the best way.

These books have me feeling things, deeply.

Needing a break to catch my breath.



It’s good. So good. Each message and story has been powerful and I’d highly recommend any of these titles.

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All The Light We Cannot See – The paths of a German boy and blind French girl converge in this mystery, drama, war novel. This was such a good and beautiful read that I couldn’t put down. Of course, it was heartbreaking.

Before We Were Yours – Fiction based on real events in Memphis during the 1930s-1950s. The story of a family ripped apart by the Memphis Children’s Home and the windfall on them and their children. While this book was tragic and heartbreaking there was a real thread of hope and healing woven into it. But still unbelievable that this kind of thing actually took place.

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The Glass Castle – This book made me angry, so angry, and deeply sad, yet the story is one of resilience and love. It is a hard and good look at family, poverty, addiction, and the human spirit. I haven’t watched the movie, but I hear it is good too.

Kisses From Katie – This book made me answer the question “What was I doing with my life from 2007-2011?” This gal, same age as me was off adopting orphans, educating children, setting up foundations, caring for the sick while I was shopping at Forever 21 and drinking Starbucks. This book is quietly convicting, but I got the feeling too that Katie was only sharing the brighter spots. I KNOW that adopting 12 children out of poverty and abuse is not all sunshine and roses and I was ready for more honesty in that, but I’m looking forward to reading the follow-up, Daring to Hope.

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The Sacred Enneagram – If you follow me on Instagram you’ve probably seen my stories about the Enneagram. I’m a type 3 and this dive is so enlightening not just into my personality, but how spiritual growth and the heart of God is reflected in His children. It’s helped me see myself and others in a new and more compassionate light. But it’s hard, hard to read words that give voice to the darkest fears and compulsions that you may not have ever dared to say, even to yourself.

100 Days to Brave – You guys know my girl Annie F. Downs is wrecking me with this daily call to courage and living authentically out my God given calling and dreams. The words have been SO TIMELY, it is amazing. (Well actually, that’s just God right?) Grab a pretty journal and go on a journey with this book.

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So there they are: the books that have wrecked me so far this year. Honestly, I have a couple more to finish up in my to-read stack: 12 Years A Slave and Brave Moms, Brave Kids that I think will be really challenging and then I think I am on to lighter chapters, for the time being at least!

What is the latest book that you’ve read that has wrecked you?

Any more lighthearted recommendations for me?

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  1. Many of these are on my to-read list! I’ve read Kisses from Katie – so good (and so challenging)!
    A couple recent ones that I’d recommend: Born a Crime by Trevor Noah (non-fiction, growing up under apartheid), The Rent Collector (fiction, people living in the dump in Cambodia, based on true circumstances), The Orphan Train (fiction, based on true history).

    1. I’ve read Orphan Train and loved it! Before We Were Yours is a similar type of story, so if you’d probably really enjoy it! I saw your recommendation of Trevor Noah’s book on instagram and added it to my “recommended reading” list!

  2. I’m half way through One Beautiful Dream by Jennifer Fulwiler. Let me tell you…..half way is REALLY GOOD for me! It’s hilarious as she recounts being a stay at home with young kids. I felt so not alone as I laughed at her poop and messy house stories. I think you’d love this book, and I actually think I’m going to finish it! 😀

    1. Oooh! I will add it to my book list! I made a pact with myself that I would FINISH some of my half read books before starting new ones. 😛

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