5 Simple Ways to Avoid Burnout

So summer is starting and it is an amazingly fun time! It can also be incredibly stressful as we balance vacations, schedule shifts, summer activities, work and more. A lot of times healthy living gets put on the backburner, and your mental well-being is probably the last thing you think about which leads to stress and burning out. 5 Simple Ways to Avoid Burnout

So what are my 5 simple ways to avoid burnout?  To take good care of you all summer long?

1. Me Time

I like to plan a special “me-time” once a week.  Lately I’ve been going down and laying out on our beach—it hasn’t even been that sunny, but just laying down by the beach, listening to my favorite tunes, feeling the sad beneath my toes…ah….I feel every possible stress flowing away.

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Maybe you don’t have a beach in your backyard (I hate to brag) but there is someway to break away for yourself—maybe sitting on your front porch rocker, taking a picnic in a park,  going on a long contemplative walk, reading a book, or  painting your nails.  Whatever gets you in that happy, relaxed frame of mind.

2. Get Your Fitness On

Yes! Even when everything is crazy taking 20-30 minutes to work out everyday will make a world of difference in not only your physical, but your mental well-being. Walk, run, bike, swim, row, throw a Frisbee with your dog, do whatever you enjoy, but do it.


Don’t make excuses. Your body needs this. Your brain needs this. Your spirit needs this.

3. Align Yourself

Take the first few moments in your morning and spend them aligning yourself to God.  I wish I could say I do this faithfully everyday, but I don’t.  I know there is grace for when I don’t, but there is always a special peace and joy when I start my day aligning myself to Him by praying and reading my Bible.

IMG_1974Pray, meditate, read a devotional thought,  sit quietly, but take time (no matter what your religion) to align yourself vertically.

4. Prioritize (And Make a Slogan!)

Decide what is important to you this summer. Is it your kids little league team? Is it being really active in church activities? Is it being a beach bum? Making memories at home? Decide on what’s really important for you this summer and then make choices on those priorites! Maybe even make a slogan for your summer to remind yourself like: “Slugger Summer” or “Simple Pleasures” or “New Horizons”.


Whatever corny phrase brings to mind your summer priorities and will help you weigh out all the activities coming your way.

5. Surround Yourself with Positivity

Find friends that value what you value this summer.  Do you have 3 challenging summer courses going on right now?  Maybe best not to spend all your time with your friend who is always trying to get you to blow off your studies and hang at the beach. But if your priorities for the summer are establishing relationships maybe that’s right where you need to be!

IMG_1535Embrace positivity online and in person—don’t get weighed down by drama, choose joy everyday. And surround yourself with people who do the same!

Do you ever get burned out in the summer? What helps you avoid burnout?

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  1. I don’t really get burnt out during the summer because I feel like I don’t have much of one. I hate being stuck at work when the weather is nice. It is a huge bummer for me. Especially because I hate my job. UGH.

    1. Hmm…sounds like job burnout…you should look into being a running coach or working at a running store. You’d be amazing at passing on your joy and gift to others!

  2. Jealous of the beach in your backyard! I only have a pool within walking distance, but luckily the beach is only 30ish minutes!

    1. Yeah, and I’m not sure if the ocean beach really compares with a lake beach, but I’m definitely not complaining!

  3. I get burned out really easily, just because I have a really short attention span. These are some awesome tips, though. I love how you included a little bit of everything–moderation is the key! 🙂

    1. Yeah, I definitely think everyone has a different “burnout” time..some people take longer than others to feel it.

  4. I like your idea of creating a slogan to represent the summer priorities. Simplifying things in this way will increase our focus on what is important.

    Although I am a little jealous you have a beach in your backyard, we all have a location close by where we can go to relax and recharge. We just need to make time to take advantage of it.

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