Things I Love Friday

Hello! You made it to the weekend! Here are some things I love this Friday!


Is Balance Even Possible from Today’s Christian Woman blog

Love the thought behind this and a perspective of long-range balance as opposed to day-to-day balance.

7 Carbo-Loading Mistakes from Run to the Finish

Perfect. Uh, and I’m also making some refined carb mistakes. But now I know how to be better.  So I’ll stop eating brownies. Maybe.

Did Caveman Have it Right? A Dietician Examines the Paleo Diet on Fooducate

Hmm…I’m leaning away from Paleo….I just can’t wrap my mind around quinoa and oatmeal being bad for you.

Strength Circuit for Runners by Tina Reale

Not a recent post, but man I’m obsessed right now with her workouts. Maybe this summer I can get in on her Best Body Bootcamp program too!

How much should you plant in your garden to provide a year’s worth of food? by The Well-Fed Homestead.

The sun is shining and gardening is on my mind…this helpful article gives you an idea of how much of each plant you will need to provide for your family.




Shelly Excel Zip Through by Lorna Jane. Isn’t it beautiful?

Injini toe socks—Just picked some of these up at Gazelle. So excited to try them.

Paula’s Choice skincare products

My sister swears by them so I ordered a few sample packs—I love that you can try out their products before “investing”, although their stuff isn’t that expensive. Score! Especially since I’m  still waiting to outgrow my teenage acne. Smile with tongue out

Random Goodness

Have an awesome Friday!!!

What things are you loving?

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  1. Oh I love that workout too! It’s a good one, huh? Thanks for the kind comments about my workouts and you know I would love you part of BBB. 🙂

    1. Yes! I literally stalk your workouts. And I’m trying to focus on the marathon now but definitely want to be a part of BBB once it’s over!

  2. Hahaha love that last picture!! And I cannot wait until I have a place to have a garden. The weather down here makes it easy to plant things and I can’t wait to have my own fresh foods 🙂

    1. Yeah I think it’s going to be a combination of planters, a community garden and maybe a raised bed. We’ll see. I want to plant green beans, peppers, and strawberries for sure. Maybe tomatoes for canning. We’ll see. I can also mooch off my parents HUGE garden but I’m very spoiled so I prefer garden fresh everything!

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