Things I Love Friday!

Let’s just jump right into the the things I love this Friday!

Yeah, did you see Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon preforming “I’m Bringing Sexy Back” as a barbershop quartet?!? Yeah, my husband said I was “giggling like a schoolgirl”, but hey, what can I say, JT takes me back to my teenage years!

A big thank you for Tasha for introducing me to RandomAbs! These quick ab workouts change everyday and work your abs hardcore.  I did two workouts so far this week and they were awesome!


I often get asked how I make my green smoothies and I loved this simple explanation and formula for Creating the Perfect Smoothie by the No Meat Athlete.

Another question I get asked a lot is how do you decide which type of running or workout shoe to buy? Here is my short answer: save yourself a lot of heart ache and blisters and go to a professional running store, meet with a trained professional, and get fitted for shoes.  For the long answer check out Lea from Running for Dummies super-informative post on buying running shoes.


I’ve also been looking a lot at gardening stuff. I may help out with the camp garden and do some small container gardens on my patio, but I love the look of these raised beds as the centerpiece to a backyard. It’s so orderly and English.

Mmm… I totally loved the homemade doughnut our Executive Chef Liz made for our GLM staff lunch on Wednesday.  I loved every high gluten, high calorie, high sugar bite. My rule of treats is make it worth it! Krispy Kreme…not worth it…homemade fresh doughnut made by a culinary professional…yes, please!

Also, the sun is really starting to flex it’s muscle here in Michigan and I love it!  I took a beautiful run yesterday in the evening light and it was pure joy.  I also LOVE that I have rediscovered my running mojo. Got EVERY run in this week and actually enjoyed them!


And finally just for fun and because I love Uncle Si from Duck Dynasty:


What do you LOVE this week?

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    1. It is especially helpful to follow up doughnut eating with random abs. #perfect. haha! Also I checked out your site and it is great! 😀 Are you new to blogging?

  1. I’m lovin climbing stairs! I am training for a stair climbing race called Fight For Air and am really loving how great of a workout it is.

    1. That is so cool! Congrats on your accomplishment. 🙂 I really want to do the Hancock Hustle in Chicago sometime!

  2. I am lovin stair climbing! I’m training for a stair climbing race called Fight For Air and am loving what a great workout it is.

    1. Not a problem! Do you garden? It’s such a great thought, but it is hard to pull off, especially with busy summers.

  3. ARGH thank you for posting the video! Amazing. JT is far more talented than I realised.

    Also – awesome Friday goodies! Such a feel good post.

    1. Yay! Yeah, JT is pretty awesome and def brings out the 13 year old girl in me! lol! I’m glad you liked it. 🙂

  4. Love the video!! And since I’m closing on my house on April 30th I’m hoping to plant at least a couple things for a little starter veggie garden. I’m hoping I can find my green thumb. So I’m all about cute garden ideas right now.

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