Things I Love: Posts, Podcasts, Food, Fitness Gear.

Just thought I’d pop in real quick and share some things I love:  I’ve found this week.

Blog posts:

How Food Companies Exploit Americans with Ingredients Banned in Other Countries.” Pretty INTENSE article by Food Babe  It is a doozy and will get you fired up about the state of the food industry.


Excuse Busters by Fitnessista. I’m totally guilty of some of these– the cold one is hard to deal with but I have NO EXCUSE since I have fitness facility right in my back yard!

Building a Wardrobe from Scratch: Basic Guide to Good Fit by Putting Me Together.  Not fitness related, but a great series that I’ve been following about putting together a wardrobe as opposed to shopping for clothes that just catch your eye or are “too good a deal” to pass up. I’ve definitely been guilty of the too long shirt wearing.


Dave Ramsey Show—who get’s tired of Dave? Not me! I love his no-nonsense advice.  I’m amazed that he can be so patient and brutally honest at the same time and that he calls people “twits” on the radio. haha! Seriously his advice is solid and helped Nate and I get out of debt, be on the same page about money, and build our savings.


Jillian Michaels Show—Clearly I like straight shooters when it comes to my advice. I have literally listened to every episode of the last year.  Jillian’s softer and funny side come out as she answers callers’ questions, gives fitness and healthy eating advice, and counsels people to root out the deeper issues they are trying to solve with food.


So Coconut Milk Ice Cream Bars–These are really good and are helping me to not crave ice cream while I’m trying to avoid dairy. IMG_1533

Meijer Veggie Chips—These are a thing of beauty! Not lower calories than any other chip, but made from natural ingredients, contain no GMOs or MSGs, and are salty and delicious. It’s love, folks.

Fitness Gear

Cathe Fitness X Train DVD–I can’t really say I like this yet, but I’m very excited to try it ASAP or rather on Thursday when my next cross training workout is. A Low-Impact (knee saving!) HIIT workout that you can take anywhere. Woot! I’ll let you know how it goes.



My Sauconies—Really, no blisters, holding me up on all my long runs—I’ve never been more in love with a shoe.

Gazelle Sports—And the real credit for the new running shoes goes to Gazelle Sports, my local specialty running store.  Great service, helpful staff, cool gear, lots of fun running events—they are the best!


What are you loving?

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    1. Yeah, they’re seriously the best–last week they had a fun run 5K too and next weekend their doing 3 free yoga classes! 😀

    1. Ooh I will have to check them out! I’m always loooking for new stuff to listen to, especially since I’ve upped my long runs. 🙂

    1. Yeah mixing podcasts and musics def helps me from getting bored and makes me feel extra productive since I’m learning and exercising! 😀

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