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Happy March!  March is a tease of month, but I’ll take flirtation with spring over snow and gray skies any day of the week! Next week is going to be a hectic one at Gull Lake Ministries (where I live and work), but I always love a change of pace! So I guess that the first of the  things I love this week: a change of pace. Here are some of my other loves from this week…

This shirt from Nike…

Yeah I could hang in that for awhile and then put on this tank top for my workout.

Buy me this shirt and we’ll be best friends. Buy me both shirts and I’ll name one of my future pets after you. Speaking of workouts, I did this upper body circuit from Katie Heddleston for the past two weeks and holy arms—you will be feeling it and rockin’ some guns in no time!

Oh and in case you need some extra motivation to get to the gym or  to keep training for your spring marathon…


And Downton. I’m about halfway through season three—having to keep a major eye out for spoiler alerts EVERYWHERE. But I love it.  The characters feel so real and I love how they are evolving.

Ah, so cute. And a twitter TRUTH that I love…

Bill Fisher™@BillFisha

No matter how hard you work, You can’t compete with what you eat…


Yup! And in the same vein of honesty I loved this blog post by Coffee Cake and Cardo  What Has Stopped Me from Losing Weight.  So  real; and similar things have held me back so I can definitely relate and would encourage you no matter where you are on your weight loss journey to consider what is or did hold you back and break through those habits!  Treat the disease not the symptoms!


I also LOVE our church, Gracespring Bible Church.  It’s starting to feel like home and like we have “our people”.  We also went to a very transparent, constructive, grace-filled church family meeting (that also included a potluck, potlucks never hurt anything!)



Finally, I love puppies, ice cream, and Nate.  And Jesus. And my mom. And my sister. And my whole family. And the sweet nieces and crazy nephews. And pretty snow, birds singing, sunshine, busy seasons, and slow seasons.  I love that my dad does my taxes and that we have all our needs met.  I have a lot to be thankful for and pray I never miss the forest for the trees. God is good!

And I love whoever buys me one of those shirts.

What do you LOVE this week?

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  1. This is lots to love Kate! It’s so great to find a church that you love and that you can grow in. 🙂
    I love upper body workouts too and I think that I am going to get that shirt about the guns and where it all the time. 😉
    Have a great day!! Happy March!

  2. I love that… THIS WEEK IS OVER! Ah ha ha ha ah! 😉 The past few weeks have been pretty rough, I am hoping NEXT WEEK is far better, positive, successful, happy, wonderful and STUPENDOUS! 😉

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