I’ve Lost 20 Pounds!

Good Things from Last Week

Well! I hit a milestone this week and I’m so excited!

I’ve lost 20 pounds!!

imageI've lost 20 pounds!

October 2011


    April 2012

So not the best photo quality in the world and yes, friends and family were shamelessly cropped, but really, when do you take a full body shot standing by yourself?

Anyways…I think it is hard to day by day to see progress, but looking at these pictures side by side amazes me!  I have accomplished so much in these 6 months!  I have lost pounds, gained confidence, exercised more effectively, ate lots of fruits and veggies, dropped two pant sizes, ran a 1/2 marathon, and indulged (occasionally) in things like cheesecake, regular cake, ice cream, and margaritas.  Bottom line: I’m so proud of myself.

Not So Good Things from Last Week

Uh, I had three margarita cupcakes?  But they were SO good. I’m not sure I regret it. I also thought about starting a cupcake and coffee cart business.  Who doesn’t want portable coffee and cupcakes?? Genius.

Also, I didn’t go on a long bike ride or run. It rained on Saturday so I did a Yoga dvd and Sunday we got home late from church and just relaxed.  I’m not really tore up about it and I just flipped my rest day from Sunday to Tuesday.

Goals Accomplished

  • Continue tracking everyday, including the Healthy Checks Yes! I tracked everyday!
  • Get a little bit faster in my 5K time. Just a little bit.  Yes! I ran 10:16 miles which is my fastest yet! I also signed up for a 5K under 30 group!
  • Go on two bike rides. No…I actually didn’t ride at all this week. Sad smile

Goals for Next Week

  • Six days of workouts, including one 4+ mile run and at least one bike ride.
  • Tracking consistently.  Cause you can’t out-exercise an unhealthy diet.
  • Try one new vegetable!  This was actually the challenge from my WW leader tonight and I’m excited about it!!  I am kind of picky about vegetables (haven’t met a fruit I haven’t loved though!) and definitely get stuck in a carrots and celery rut.  I’m thinking artichokes or maybe re-trying eggplant again. Anyone have any good recipes?

Obstacles to My Goals

  • Laziness. Haha! Actually I realize how much the last 6 months have changed my perspective on exercise– I like it!  And I look for ways to squeeze in some extra activity during my day—running with my clients, throwing the Frisbee, taking walks, parking farther away—all the little things add up!

  • Music and date on Saturday. Nate and I are going out to see our friend Joel play with his band, Plaxton & the Void.   My plan is to track the meal accurately (use weekly points), enjoy one drink while out, limit snacking during the show.

My Exercise Plan

Friday: Meeting a friend to run. Weights too if I’m still feeling good!
Saturday: Run 5 miles
Sunday: Bike ride
Monday: Weights (I’m currently doing the Women’s Health Big Book of Exercises Hard Body Workout)
Tuesday: Rest
Wednesday: Run

Thursday: Weights

I’m crazy proud that I’ve Lost 20 Pounds! What recent accomplishments are you proud of?

Live Happy!

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  1. Big, HUGE congratulations for losing 20 lbs!!!!! In less than 1 year I lost over 36 lbs and over 30 inches. It was HARD work, but I am so happy I did it!

  2. Wowww I am so proud of you! That's an amazing accomplishment!! (And my ultimate goal…I'm working on it, though it's off to a rough start!) You are amazing! Congratulations!

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