Tips on Comparing Healthcare Plans

This post is sponsored by United Healthcare in partnership with Zig Marketing. 

Today I want touch on an important, but often entirely confusing aspect of healthy living….health insurance.I personally, have found health insurance to be entirely confusing, so when I was approached about promoting a video that explains choosing health insurance options in simple terms, I was on it!

Most likely not, but a girl can dream? From charlotterusse.com

I remember the first time I had health insurance. I literally had no idea how it worked at all. The sad thing was it was really good insurance and I didn’t even realize it. haha! So don’t make my mistake–take the time to learn about what insurance is available to you and how it works. It’s important for you, your family, and your health.

So check out the video: Open Enrollment Guide: Tips on Comparing Healthcare Plans.

The great thing is that when you watch the video (it’s only a minute and a half long) you are entered into a contest to win a grand prize of a $500 visa gift card and $25 in weekly prizes. Awesome!

Do you “get” health insurance? Or do you dread it? 





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