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2015 is almost over! Crazy! This has been a year of amazing growth for Kate Moving Forward! I’ve written so many posts and have learned so much about social media marketing, photography, writing, and business in general. It’s been quite a year! Let’s look back on the top posts of 2015 on Kate Moving Forward.

Kate Moving Forward Top Posts

10. Pumpkin Chip Cookies — Oh yeah, these are so good and super-moist!

9. Lazy Day Peach Cobbler — I LOVE this recipe! It is so easy to make in a flash with canned, fresh or frozen peaches and tastes ah-mazing! Seriously, make this soon. Peach Cobbler Recipe


8. No Bake Protein Cookies — This gorgeous babies are loaded with protein, but have all the flavor of a no-bake chocolate cookie.

7. 7 Ways to Stay Motivated — I like to re-read this post when I’m feeling unmotivated and “blah”. A great place to get back on track! (Also, how amazing is it that #7 on this list is also a #7 list? #nerdalert)

7 Ways to Stay Motivated

6. Healthy Eating at Red Robin — Mostly I like to go to Red Robin as a treat meal and totally cut loose and drink a million strawberry lemonades, a huge burger and all. the. fries. But, *ahem* sometimes often you don’t need to do that and here are the lighter options I choose at Red Robin!

5. Strawberry Rhubarb Baked Oatmeal — Oh yes, this is a completely amazing recipe! Seriously, it could be my favorite ever. I just love the strawberry-rhubarb combination passionately. And this recipe makes me miss summer.

Top 40 Running Playlist4. Top 40 Running Playlist — These fun, upbeat pop songs are perfect for your next run! Good music makes running so much easier!

3. Breakfast Muffins with Zucchini and Banana — An amazing snack or breakfast with hidden vegetables! Definitely a win if you’re feeding picky eaters or toddlers!

2. Country Music Running Playlist — Can I just say that it makes me smile that this is the #2 post this year? Maybe because I catch grief for my obsession with country music, but it seriously makes me happy and I’m glad it makes so many of you happy too! These tunes are great to jam to while you’re running (or whenever you need a pick-me-up!).

7 tips for staying healthy during your period

1. 7 Tips for Staying Healthy on your Period — So if the last post made me smile, this one kind of makes me laugh that it’s the top post for the year….about periods! Yes, periods. I guess it’s one of those facts of life that all of us women (and the men who live with us) deal with, yet we don’t talk about much or at least not online. So I’m just over here breaking barriers, talking about periods, and helping you not eat ALL the chocolate during that time of the month. But truly it is a great post. Bookmark it for when you’re on your period.

So it seems that you all like to read about desserts, breakfast foods, running playlists and periods. 😀  I think another thing we learned in this post is that I (and I guess other people too) like 7 item lists! Interesting, huh?! I guess this should have been a top 7 list instead of a top 10!

Seriously, thanks for reading and sharing my posts. I big, fat love this community and doing something I love so much everyday as my “job”. See ya next year!

Which of these posts was your favorite? 

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