True Confessions and Things I Love

Hello! I technically have something different on my blog “editorial calendar” but I’m just not feeling it right now. So let’s do something different instead? How about let’s start out with some true confessions, followed by some things I love, mkay?  Open-mouthed smile

True Confessions

On Food/Fitness

I feel like my body is craving pure sugar right now and wants to snack ALL. THE. TIME.  If I could live on cookies I think I would, well maybe I would crumble them over ice cream first. I felt like I was doing “so well” with eating healthy earlier this week, but the sugar battle has been constant. I’m not upset, upset over it. I just wish I would crave, you know, an orange or something. The good news is that when I indulge I try to make sure my servings are small. So even though I may have a dish of ice cream, I’m not sitting down with the carton like I wish I was!


Exercise though, has been going really well this week, so that’s a bonus. Working out always makes me feel so strong and in control of my own destiny. I’ve been walking and strength training this week—nothing too crazy but 30 minutes makes all the difference!

On Pregnancy

I have finally moved firmly into maternity wear. I have just a few loose and flowy regular tops that I’m still wearing, but everything else I have transitioned out. Crazy that next week starts my LAST trimester! I felt like this summer it would never come, but here we are almost 2/3 of the way through. Baby girl will be here in a blink.

On Bible Study

I just wrapped up a ladies Bible study at my church on Gideon from the Old Testament. It was really interesting to delve deeper into his life—there were a lot of things I didn’t realize beyond the “basic” story. Although I didn’t find him the most likeable or relatable character in the Bible, his life challenged me to allow God to use my weaknesses to bring Him glory and reminded me how easy it is to allow things or people other than God to rule my life. The study was by Priscilla Shirer and I would recommend it if you get a chance to participate.

Things I Love Friday

I’m kind of super-into this blog called Live,Love, DIY. She has so much fantastic stuff. And I really want to make a super-cool ornament wreath for Christmas. And finally paint my end tables so they match…4 years later. #diyfail


Tea. I just love tea right now. Specifically Candy Cane Lane by Celestial Seasonings and Chai with a touch of vanilla creamer. So perfect. I’m so over coffee right now.

This recipe for Real Food Green Bean Casserole from 100 Days of Real Food looks so good to me!  I might still need to put the onions from a can on top—but otherwise I’m totally game!

All the cute baby stuff is killing me! I literally want to buy every tiny hat I see! There’s all the regular stores PLUS those folks on Etsy doing me in…I am trying to hold off buying more stuff till we have our baby showers in late December. Trying.

Finally just a bit of merriment to send you off with. Probably it’s the hormones, but I found this very relatable.

Haha!! Have an awesome weekend!

Tell me something you’re loving this week OR a true confession.

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