Tuesday Thoughts: Goals, Workouts and Intuitive Eating

Hey there! Happy start to your week! I am resurrecting an old style of post, Thursday Thoughts, and moving it to Tuesdays. I used this type of post in the past for setting weekly healthy living goals and tracking my accomplishments. Actually back in the day that’s basically Kate Moving Forward was…a weekly sum up of my weight loss efforts, workouts and obstacles. I’m glad it’s much more now, but I wanted to re-start this habit again for myself.

But hopefully you  will also get some inspiration and encouragement.  We are all out here in the trenches trying to make fitness and healthy eating a permanent lifestyle change in a busy world filled with pumpkin glazed doughnuts and vanilla chip frappuccinos.  🙂

Goals for this Week

  • Workout 5 times this week


  • Curb late night snacking by addressing the actual issue (loneliness, boredom).
  • Eat 6 fruits and veggies a day.
  • Incorporating intuitive eating principle of honoring my hunger by eating when I’m hungry and listening to my satiety cues.
  • Monthly goal of running a 5K continuously.

Obstacles to Goals

  • I get stressed at night if Layla struggles with going down to sleep which leads me to snack when I’m not hungry. It’s hard to address all of her sleep stuff right now due to how her bedroom is set up, but I’m going to try to re-implement some sleep training stuff and really work at solidifying her bedtime routine for her, which makes a more peaceful evening for everyone.DSC_0510
  • Making time to workout a priority. It has been going well the last couple weeks, but I still don’t feel like I 100% know when I’ll exercise. I may have to be okay with just rolling with the punches a bit because if Layla doesn’t sleep well then it throws things off. So having a plan A, B, C, and D when it comes to exercise.
  • All or nothing philosophy. Reading Intuitive Eating is re-scripting my approach to food so I don’t expect it to all come to me at once, but at the same time I do, because I expect that of myself because I’m silly. 😛


Workouts this Week

Tuesday: Strength train

Wednesdaay: Run (2.5 miles)

Thursday: Strength train

Friday: (Run 2 miles intervals)

Saturday: Yoga

So that’s what the week is looking like for me!

Do you plan your workouts in advance? Or set weekly goals? 

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  1. You’re not silly to think “all or nothing” mentality, I am the same way! Then I need to remind myself that it can’t always be like that!
    As for planning workouts, I feel as if when I plan them too strictly, I become anxious if “plans” change, so instead I aim for a NUMBER of times I want to work out, and plop them in accordingly, plans/life change, so being able to go with the flow with it removes the stress and anxiety 🙂 but I know that’s easier said than done!

    1. That’s smart! As long as I get in my desired days of movement I’m happy, but I like to plan out what I have so I can plan my day around it. If I strength train I do it during Layla’s first nap and if I run I do it after her last nap. I think it’s all a mental game of getting TO the workout! haha!

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