Unbiased Review of the She Reads Truth Bible

The She Reads Truth Bible is a great resource for women who want to grow their faith and deepen their relationship with the Lord. All study Bibles are created different, so I am sharing this review to give you an overview of the features, benefits, pros and cons of the She Reads Truth Bible.

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Video Preview of the Bible

If you want an incredibly thorough, practically page-by-page review of the She Reads Truth Bible you’ve come to the right place! This video will walk you through the whole Bible and see if it is the right fit for you!

The Pros of the She Reads Truth Study Bible

  • Accessibility. This Bible really makes it easy to dive into studying the Bible with it’s broken down reading plans, book summaries, and devotions sprinkled throughout!
  • Key verses for each book are shared at the beginning of the book in beautiful calligraphy.
open pages of the Bible with beautiful quote and green ribbon for reading
  • Timelines throughout the reading are really helpful in following along with the big story of the Bible chronologically and how different books fit together.
  • Devotionals are Biblically solid and heartfelt. They are very similar to what you would read in the She Reads Truth app, geared for women, and help make sense of some of the more difficult or “boring” sections of Biblical text.
Bible devotions in the She reads truth Bible


  • Single column page layout makes for easier reading. This is one small element I love the most. Having the text in a single column makes me feel more connected to the story and more likely to keep reading.
  • Room for writing. This Bible gives you plenty of margin space on both sides for writing. The extra white space is nice visually or you can choose to fill it up with notes, questions, and verses.
  • Book introductions are pretty typical in a study Bible and the She Reads Truth team keeps them simple and to the point. You don’t get as much information, but just the essentials which can be a pro!
  • Bible reading plans for individual books and for the whole Bible help readers dive into the text with an easy to follow guided reading plan.
  • Maps are in full color and help readers understand the geographical context of the story.
map of the early church in the she reads truth study bible
  • Beautiful! This is a gorgeous Bible! From the leather cover and cover color choices to the calligraphy and layout–the Bible is aesthetically pleasing. And if that helps you get into God’s Word more than it’s definitely a good thing!
  • Two bookmarks (cream and green colored) will help you mark your place easily while you’re reading or listening to a sermon.


The Cons of the She Reads Truth Bible

  • Only in the CSB version — I wasn’t familiar with this version before purchasing this Bible. I like it and the editors included a couple pages introducing this version of the Bible which is helpful. But it would be great if this was offered in more translations!
  • No interlinear notes — Unlike some other study Bibles this one doesn’t have the amount of cross references or study notes as many do. If you’re looking for more in depth explanation of passages in a verse by verse passage–this probably isn’t going to be the study Bible for you. Or it may be one of a couple that you use! (Like I do!)
  • Page thickness — Pages are thicker than many traditional Bible pages, but there is still some bleed through if you do lots of writing in your Bible or use thick pens. I wrote this with my favorite journaling pens and I feel like it did a fairly good job with bleed through, but this could be a hold up if you like thicker pages or do a lot of artwork in your Bible.
Bible page with green writing in the notes on the front and back of the pages to show bleed through amount of writing

This Bible comes in a hardback and imitation leather versions in some really gorgeous colors!

Get your copy of the She Reads Truth Study Bible here!

Photo of the She Reads Truth Study Bible open on a pink background with pens, journal and lipstick surrounding it


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What do you look for in a study Bible?

If you have the She Reads Truth Bible tell us what you love about it!?

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