Ready to take your business to the next level?

Imagine a business that lights you up, not stresses you out!

Feeling overwhelmed with your business? Burnt out on the hamster wheel of creating pin images and scheduling for Pinterest? Do you know you need to build an email list, but aren’t sure what you should say or how to set it up?

What could you do with an extra 10 hours a week?

Our Vibrant Virtual Assistant services free you up to do what only YOU can for your business! Let us jump in and help you get back to creating, selling and doing what YOU DO BEST!! Our goal is to eliminate your stress and help you create the business of your dreams.



You need social media support! You have an amazing product or service to offer your community, but need help planning, scheduling, creating graphics for and growing your social media accounts!



You need a writer’s touch! Like many creatives and entrepreneurs you have amazing ideas, you just need some extra polish to find JUST the right words to reach your ideal client!



You need some organizational help! Does inbox zero seem like a distant dream? Not sure how to go about planning and researching content? I’ll help you prioritize and organize so you can keep creating!

Why Choose Vibrant Virtual Assistance?

With 7 years experience working in the online marketing and blogging space I can help propel your business to success! Before working online I was an in-person administrative assistant at two different high level non-profits. I am highly organized and efficiency is my middle name!

My team can help you build your business online through social media scheduling, social media graphic creation, email creation, copywriting, blog writing, product launches, accounting services, calendar management and more!

Vibrant Virtual Assistance

Monthly Packages Starting at $300

Here is what you could get:

Spoiler alert: This isn’t all we can do!

Ready for a more vibrant business?

We can’t wait to chat with you more about how we can help you create a business that lights you up, not stresses you out!!

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Meet Katie

The woman behind it all…

Hi! I’m Katie! I started blogging way back in 2012 as a way to share my life and connect with others! Along the way I’ve learned SO much about social media marketing, copywriting, and all things blogging and online businesses.

I’m excited to be offering some of my knowledge and services to expand your business! You can read more about me here, but the highlights include I like coffee, date nights, and listening to Christmas music year round.

Let’s Do It!

I’m so excited to assist you in pursuing your dreams! Click the button to email me and get the conversation started!


You may be wondering…

How much do your services cost?

Reoccurring monthly services start at $300.

Project based services vary in pricing depending on the job.

My current hourly rate is $30.

How are payments processed?

Payments are invoiced and processed through Paypal.

How do we communicate?

I’m a big fan of face-to-face interaction via video chat (FB messenger video chat, Zoom, Skype etc.) for communicating vision, style and big pictures stuff. My clients are welcome to email me anytime with tasks, questions, concerns or just to check in! I’m also down with using Slack, Voxer or Trello, Google Chat or your preferred means of online communication with your team members.

Monthly clients will receive a 30 minute planning session each month that will include a detailed reports of services.

What about taxes?

I work as an independent contractor. So you don’t need to worry about paying out taxes, as with a traditional employee.

I’ve got more questions…

Please email me using the form above or clicking on the button below!

Take your business to the next level!

Let us jump in and help you get back to creating, selling and doing what YOU DO BEST!! A more vibrant business awaits!