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Weekend Recap and New Goals

Weekend Recap

On Friday Nate and I went up to Lansing to start his birthday celebration!  We went to a guitar store called Elderly Instruments (it’s a big deal for Michigan musicians), walked around an outdoor mall,  watched Olympus Has Fallen, and ate Mexican!


On Saturday Nate and I split up for the actual day of his birthday.  My morning started out bright and early with a 16 mile run. Yay!  Well sorta.  Sometime people ask me how my long runs go and I don’t really know what to say…”good” makes it sound enjoyable or easy which it may have enjoyable parts, but to me a long run is never fun and this one was especially mentally challenging.  A lot of people in my group were scheduled to run shorter pace runs, so I ran 9 miles with a larger group at a 10:30 pace, ran 6.2 miles with another lady in my group at 10:50 pace and finished off my 16 miles with .8 on my own. I was so beat at the end and my running buddy and I took some walk breaks during the 6.2 miles. I was SO thankful when she said “let’s stop for awhile”!  And I’m thankful that I scale back next week.  My body needs a bit of a break.  I was SO proud though that I accomplished what I set out to do!

Meanwhile Nate left to spend his birthday in Chicago with his friends!


After my run, I showered at the YMCA my running group met at, grabbed some Subway and headed down to Indiana for a friend’s wedding.

Yay weddings! Between the ceremony and the reception my brother and I hit some balls at the batting cages. I only mention this because I did better than him and want to brag about it. Winking smile


On Sunday my niece Sophie had her 2 year birthday party!  Always love spending time with these two ladies!


Sigh…they’re the cutest.  Now on to real life this week.  I have a pretty busy couple days getting a project together for work and then it is life as normal.  I love my normal little life; I love the change of pace on the weekends, but I’m glad I don’t LIVE for the weekend anymore!

Workout Plan

Monday: Strength Circuit for Runners—really like this strength workout

Tuesday: 4 Mile interval run

Wednesday: 8 Mile easy run

Thursday: 5 Mile run

Friday: Upper body workout—probably my boxing boot camp dvd.

Saturday: 12 Mile run—OMG 12 miles is going to feel so good!

New Goals

  • I officially really, really need to clean up my eating!  Waaay to many refined sweets and foods this week!  It is hard to find balance. I’m going to track my calories on myfitnesspal this week to hold me accountable. Follow me at katiescott1309!


  • Drink 6 cups of water a day—I think this will help my running and overall health.  I know last week on my midweek long run I was dehydrated before I even started running. Boo! I know much better!
  • Planning out my snacks so I don’t get desperate and end up mindlessly or desperately chowing down on empty calories (see goal #1). I know this, I’ve done it, I just need to get back to putting it in practice.

I think that’s enough goals for now.  I also want to keep writing and play the piano this week. 🙂

Highlight of your weekend?  Any new goals for the week?

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  1. Such a fun weekend! Proud of you for finishing your long run…and there’s nothing wrong with walking breaks! 🙂

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